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Andy Session's "The Shadow People" Happiness Can Only Be Achieved Through Suffering

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Andy Session's interesting poem, "The Shadow People," displays the author's desire to express his feelings and advice about how to live a benevolent and happy life. Intriguingly, this is accomplished through the process of illustrating the lifespan of a typical human being, for just as people come into this world the same way that they come out, the poem similarly follows such an intriguing pattern. Andy Sessions, additionally, is expressing to the reader the suffering one must undergo in order to finally achieve true gratification. All of this is done through the incredible symbolism and imagery present throughout the poem which is accompanied by the ...view middle of the document...

The shadow people must heal their pain and "cover their wounds with band-aids," much like in today's society where the older generation must undergo numerous surgeries and take excessive quantities of medication in order to remain vigilant. Finally, however, everything must come to the end, much like in the poem. The shadow people's death is symbolized when the author again states, "these are the shadow people," for by mentioning shadows again, he is once more expressing their ambiguous, unknown nature. Old age and death mystify us, for they are of unknown nature. Additionally, people of substantial age are usually forgotten, for their time has passed and society sees that they have no potential to further create any viable impact. Finally, these near-death shadow people are ambiguous in nature, much like material shadows, for after death they can become whatever they want, a soul bound for either heaven or hell. Ultimately, Andy Sessions is expressing his intrigue with the unknown, namely birth and death, as symbolized by the mentioning of "the shadow people" at the beginning and end of the poem, or rather, the start and finish to a content lifespan comprised of simplicity. The simple pleasures of life can stimulate blissful satisfaction, as exemplified in Andy Session's intriguing poem, "The Shadow People." This notion can be seen when the author states that the shadow people "work long days in the rice fields" and come home to "eat rice from wooden bowls." Although no mention is made of any pleasure stimulated by this daily routine, it can be inferred through the primitive nature of these shadow people that they are truly gratified. These shadow people can be seen as antediluvian creatures, for their lives are comprised merely of gathering food, building shelter, and reproducing, much like early man. Thus, if these shadow people symbolize early man, then they must be content, or rather, delighted that they can at least find any food, a scarce commodity in these harsh times. Additionally, no mention is made of any pleasure or sorrow, and thus, it can be inferred that these people are merely content with their monotonous lives. If nothing benevolent or malevolent happens in one's life, then shouldn't one be completely satisfied with what they have? Thus, it can be concluded that these shadow people are merely content with their lives, or rather slightly delighted, due to the previous point made about the shadow people symbolizing primitive man. Andy Session's is ultimately stating that a simple life of a state of unknowingness, much like early man, leads towards a life full of satisfaction and benevolence, yet as with everything,...

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