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Analysis Of Andy Warhol And The Couple With Balloons, Plaza Hotel, New York City

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Andy Warhol was born on August 6th, 1928 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Warhol was not pnly a photographer, but he was also in performance art, filmmaking, and writing, and was a leader in the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. Warhol’s mother was an artist and taught him how to draw, which became one of his favorite hobbies as a child. His mother also bought him his first camera when he was 9, introducing him to photography. Warhol developed huge interest in fame and celebrities, which became the focus of much his art. Much of his art was known as “pop art”. The subject of much of his art was based on what was popular at the time, such as Coca-Cola and celebrities. Many of his paintings used vivid colors and he altered many photographs to have the vivid colors. Warhol was well known for his portraits and photographs of celebrites and made a name for himself with his “pop art”. Andy Warhol died on February 22, 1987 at the age of 58.
One of Andy Warhol’s less famous and rare photographs is “Couple with Balloons, Plaza Hotel, New York City”. The photograph is of a man and woman satnding on the steps of the Plaza Hotel. The woman is wearing a simple, white dress and holding about 24 white balloons in her right hand. Standing to her left is a man in a tuxedo holding a single white balloon in his left hand. The couple is kissing eachother. The balloons cover the woman’s face except for her cheek, chin, the bottom of her nose, and her lips. The balloons also cover the top part of the man’s face; the balloons only cover the top of his hear and his eyes. The photograph is horizontal and the focus seems to be on the couple’s locked lips. It seems as if the photograph was taken at night and a flash was used because the lights inside the hotel can be easily seen and there seems to be some reflection of light of the balloons.
In the photograph, the horizontal lines of the step and the verticle/angled line of the hand-rail on the left all seem to lead to the couple drawing the focus of the picture to them. Also, the value of the entrance to the hotel in the backround is dark compared to the value of the whiteness of the balloons and the white of the woman’s dress, again drawing the attention to the couple. The value of the one white balloon the man is holding has a sharp contrast compared to his black tuxedo also putting emphasis on the single white balloon. The form of the balloons seem to make them pop out of the photograph and catch the eye.
Warhol’s photograph is unbalanced, but in a way that follows the rule of thirds very well. Also, the balloons seem to be much bigger in proportion to the couple drawing more attention to the balloons and what you see between them. The rhythm of of balloons and the repetition of their shape seems to give them a bulging effect and again, make them seem much...

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