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Andy Warhol: A Review Of His Time Capsules Shown At The National Gallery Of Victoria: Andy Warhol Exhibition

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What is the meaning of time? Time means many things to me. But the most appropriate description I often say is that time is the period of every being's lifetime. People from the middle ages has always tried ways of finding immortality and living forever, although I know dreams for dreams. Time goes swiftly, and we are remembered only for our achievements and popularity, and Andy Warhol's popularity was from pop art culture.So how is time related to culture? Time relates to culture because time represents civilizations. Every civilizations belongs to a "culture", which in my own words, is a "group" or society in which someone belongs to. Andy Warhol belonged to the culture of his era, pop culture, in which it drew its subjects from the media. He revolutionized things, and driven into a pursuit of money and fame by his belief that by being idle would accomplish nothing, and so started the TIME CAPSULES Collection.My first reaction as I entered the NGV to see Andy Warhol exhibition was to be bemused. The whole exhibition virtually spend looking into Warhol's time capsules. The capsules were spread out so one can see all the contents inside, but at first I wondered if he did all of this purposely or it was mere accident that he just happened to stuff everything he could put his hands on in the boxes. There were some various items that were very disturbing; pictures of naked young men and one that I believed that looked like a naked transsexual. He also created "films", that is, motion pictures that stayed stationary or repeating the same actions over and over again for minutes on end. I was very bewildered and confused at first to see this, but I reflected upon the fact that Warhol lived in a very different time and place from my own. I asked to myself that, as a child during the Depression, a period of sadness and hardship, and made harder even more so by the early death of his father, perhaps that is the reason he has done this? His childhood may have been full of the torture that children threw at him for being the different person that he was, and this, ultimately, forced him to become an artist that put him on the equal footing of Picasso and many other artists.Warhol selected his subject matter from amongst images already present in popular culture or advertising, thereby keeping his work intentionally impersonal. An example of this is his famous Campbell's Soup Cans, The cartoon like image, flat and simplified, is characteristic of pop art. Another example is the Marylin Monroe artworks, in which the faces of the celebrity is colored differently to produce deeper effects and results that just one plain color.The repetition of the same image with different variations had its advantages, because it can then be sold again and again, meaning more wealth for whoever produced them. I would think Andy was always to the point why he did this, and I think this was because he didn't care about art as long as it gave him the wealth he wanted. I could...

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