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Andy Warhol Biography Essay

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“Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.” – Andy Warhol. Following these words, one of the best known artists of America pursued his dreams and lived his life the way he intended. Andy Warhol born an outsider used his talents to create works of art that moved society in every way possible. His adventures to New York sparked new ideas which contributed to his popularity. Becoming well-known with other celebrities was a huge achievement for Andy. The catalyst of the Pop Art movement and founder of Interview magazine, Andy Warhol, changed the world’s views on art forever.
Born Andrew Warhola August 6, 1928 in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, this peculiar boy was different from the very beginning. He was an outsider in grade school mainly for the things he did. “Most of his peers from Holmes Elementary School looked up to athletes like Joe DiMaggio and played basketball themselves, but Andy’s idol was Shirley Temple” (Lowmiller 1). Andy showed a wonderful talent for drawing at an early age. It was not a surprise that his favorite pastime was drawing flowers. After becoming ill at 6 years old, Andy was confined to his bed. His family took their time to entertain him for hours by showing him how to draw, trace and print images. The love for drawing grew greater as Andy got older. Extremely smart for his age, Andy graduated Schenely High School early, at 16 years old, and in 1945, finished 51st in his class of 278 graduates. Later, after his father passed away in 1942, Andy continued his education and got accepted at Carnegie Institute of Technology three years later. He was the first of his family to ever go beyond high school. During the summer, Andy helped his oldest brother, Paul, sell fruits and vegetables from a truck. Every opportunity Andy had he would do quick on-the-spot sketches of the customers and people who passed by. Those sketches not only helped improve his drawing skills but also won him a small scholarship. During another summer break, Andy worked at a prestigious department store creating window displays. It was there that he was introduced to the world of high fashion, which would later influence his interest in becoming an illustrator. Andy quickly became popular among his classmates for his unique sense of style in his art. One professor was displeased with his non-conformity and said that, “‘Andy Warhola was last on the list to amount to anything!’” (“The Andy Warhol” 1). Not everyone thought the same way though. Another one of his teachers said he was “the only student that had a product to sell”’ (“The Andy Warhol” 1). In 1949, after graduating with a degree in Pictorial Design, Andy and one of his fellow classmates boarded an overnight train to New York City to pursue the world of art.

After graduation, Andy moved to New York, a city he made his home and studio for the rest of his life. “Within a year of arriving, Warhol earned top assignments as a commercial artist for a variety of...

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