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Angel Essay

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Felicity always had a good sense of humor. That was one of her best qualities. She would laugh so long that she used to forget what she was laughing about in the first place. She was also the most popular girl in school and I was the most popular guy at school, so I thought, and to even talk to her was on the minds of most of the guys in Year 12. She didn't seem that way for me. We had been friends since primary school, and to me didn't seem any different from the normal teenager. We would stick up for one another against psychotic teachers that gave too much punishment over homework not done and would make the perfect excuses for what we had done wrong.I remember a time when we were in Year 5 and we had just broken a stained glass window with a soccer ball. I had kicked it in through the window but Felicity took the blame for it and had to go on 'time out'. That was exactly what she was like. She would stand up for anyone and try to practice being a good person every day of the week.We were in the same class for every year until we were separated for talking too much in Year 8. She made her other friends, I made mine and we didn't talk to each other as much as we used to. Occasionally we would pass each other in the hallway and chat for a bit but beside that we had not really talked as much. And I suppose that it was a good thing because I valued the time I spent with her, more so than she did.I had also noticed that in the few years we've been at Secondary school, she'd attracted a lot of guys, but every time they asked her out she'd say the same thing.'If you know what my favorite animal is, I will go out with you.'It worked every time as well. They wouldn't have a clue who she is, or what she is like as a person, they just noticed the looks. In fact I don't think she went out with one guy. When we used to talk I always asked what her favorite animal was. She would shake her head and say that my time would come. I wasn't sure what she meant by that.About two days ago she rang me up and asked if I wanted to go out to the movies with her. I wasn't sure why she rang me out of the blue, but it seemed like a good night, plus I had finished all the homework I had the night before. I met her outside Village and she had already gotten tickets to some chick flick I had never heard of.Before the movie we joked around and laughed louder than the previews playing at the same time. We were told to settle down 3 times before the movie had actually started. I put the huge bag of snacks in between the two of us and we pigged out on the buttered popcorn and sweets.The movie had just started when I left. It was painfully boring so to disguise the fact that I hated it I told Felicity excuses every time I left the movie. Except this time she followed me to the snack bar. I turned around and she was standing in the middle of the hallway, smiling.'Are you enjoying the movie?' She said with a sly grin.'You know I am.' My eyes rolled to the back of their sockets.She...

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1405 words - 6 pages seem the same without her. Normally she would wake up next to me and held my hand through the hard days telling me everything was going to be fine, but now as much as I looked for her hand, she wasn’t there anymore. There I was alone, trying to find why life is so unfair. I know I have an angel in heaven looking out for me and probably bothering God all day telling him to give me the best because I deserve it, that what I would do if I was her

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