Angel Falls Or Devil´S Mouth In Venzuela

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Towering at almost 1000 meters and at a plunge of 807 meters, Angel Falls lies at the edge of the Auyan Tepui mountain nested deep within Venezuela’s natural beauty, Canaima National Park. Angel Falls’s elevation is so high up that the falling water evaporates before it hits the ground, turning into mist. It is estimated that it is 15 times the height of the great Niagara Falls and has a base of 500 feet wide. “It was sighted by explorer Ernesto Sánchez La Cruz, but he did not publicize his discovery.” (wiki) It wasn’t “discovered” by the west until it was visited in 1935 by American aviator, James Crawford Angel, on a flight while looking for ore bed; even though the indigenous Pemón people already inhabited the area. He landed his plane a few years later after but it got stuck and had to walk down the mountain with his family. The falls was named after Angel yet the indigenous people had already named the waterfall as the “Devil’s Mouth”.
Angel Falls is in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela and it is encompassed by a dense jungle and is bordered by grasslands outside of the jungle. Its surrounded by a number of tepuis or better known as flat-topped mountains. Angel Falls is on one of the heights and largest tepuis, Auyan Tepui translated to the “Devil’s Mountain” also named by the indigenous people. It is home to many flora and fauna, from monkeys and jaguars to a wide variety of orchids. People who visit Angel Falls think that Churún River is where the waterfall is located as the Auyan Tepui River, but the river that terminates the drop is the Kerepakupai-meru meaning “waterfall of the deepest place”.
The process by which the landscape was transformed was due to extreme variations of dry weather to humid and “... constant, lingering precipitations; droughts, freezing, discharges with high and low temperatures; storms, hurricanes, and the tectonic movements of the earth.” (New World Encyclopedia) The creation of Angel falls when erosion hit and started to remove the material that was deposited in the great plain for millions of years. In parts of the landmass, where the rock was less...

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