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Angela Merkel Impact On Germany Essay

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In today’s society, leaders are expected to guide by their actions and allow others to follow their lead. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, guides her people by following through with what she tells her citizens she will do, communicates to other nations about possible ways of dealing with certain situations, providing new ideas to solve difficult problems, and stand as an example of how to treat others no matter the viable differences or past history. Through the applications of modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act and Encouraging the heart, we can see how powerful and impressive Angela Merkel really is.
To understand the Chancellor’s impact on Germany, it is important to understand her past. Angela Merkel, a theoretical chemist turned Prime Minister, has not only changed the world but also in addition to that has inspired others to do the same for the common goal of a better, more stable, world. Born in 1954 in East Germany, Angela Dorothea Kasner was a child to academics. Her father, Horst Kasner, was an English and Latin teacher and a Lutheran pastor. Most of Merkel’s childhood was spent in the countryside outside of Northeast Berlin (Langguth, 2005). Living on the communist side of the Berlin wall may have been one of the biggest influences on her childhood that in time transitioned into her adulthood.
As a schoolgirl in a Soviet school, Merkel was not only expected to do well in learning German but expected to learn Russian as well; she excelled at it, receiving awards for her proficiency in the language. She wanted to show her peers and superiors her aptitude to learn so she studied very hard (Kottasová, 2013, n.p). Merkel’s parents were worried about how the kids made fun of her because of her pastor father; to help their daughter socially and academically Merkel was involved with the Free German Youth, FDJ, a Soviet established group for students (Vasagar, 2013). This group is similar to the girl and boy scouts in America but supplemented with a copious amounts of communist propaganda. It was also almost impossible for a student to be admitted to a higher learning establishment without involvement with the FDJ. Merkel studied physics at University of Leipzig. She earned a doctorate in chemistry because she felt it was the safest job for a person of good intelligence as the political views of scientists were rarely asked for. While working as a theoretical chemist she got close to one of her peers Ulrich Merkel, whom she later married. Although the couple did not stay together and Merkel has since then married, Merkel has kept the last name of her former husband. In 1989 with the fall of Communism in Eastern Germany, Merkel could finally speak her mind without having to look over her shoulder. She promptly went into politics.

Model of the Way
While Merkel began her career in politics after the fall of Communism in Eastern...

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