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Angels In America Essay

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Angels in America is one of the most powerful plays written in the twentieth century. The play explores themes such as AIDs, homosexuality, drug addiction, spirituality, politics and identity specifically during the 1980’s. This ground breaking piece of work is not only entertaining, but also thought provoking. Angels creates dreamlike envisions of scenes and yet maintains a form of realism in the plots and characters. Tony Kushner is both the author of the play and the screen writer for the brilliant rendition of the HBO mini series with the same name. Angels in America Part 1: The Millennium Approaches is a phenomenal piece of work to read as well as to watch! The story follows a variety ...view middle of the document...

Joe and Louis’s worlds intertwine as Joe finds Louis a week later crying in the bathroom, and comforts him friendly. Harper and Prior meet in Prior’s drag dream and Harper’s next hallucination. Through this, Harper comes to the realization that Joe is gay and Prior learns he is sicker than he thought. The two couples conversations overlap as Harper addresses that Joe about his sexuality and saying she is pregnant, and Prior addresses Louis about his illness. Act one ends with Roy going to the doctors and discovering that he has AIDs, but is in denial exclaiming that is it cancer because only gay people have AIDs.
Act two is subtitled “In Vitro” and starts with Prior on the floor in pain, and Louis in a panic as this becomes a reality. That same night Joe comes home to Harper under the influence of drugs having a bad trip. She admits she doesn’t know about her pregnancy and that he should go to D.C. without her. Louis know in the hospital with Prior admits to Prior’s nurse his lack of commitment with his situation and goes for walk in the park. At the park, Louis finds man and then engage in intercourse until the condom breaks. Louis, broken, doesn’t care whether he is protected or not and the man uncomfortably leaves. At the same time, Joe is at the bar with Roy when Roy tells him he is dying and encourages him to take the job in D.C. regardless of Harper. Prior speaks to Belize, an old drag queen friend and now his nurse about how he is lonely, and that he is hearing voices that comfort him. Roy, and his friend Martin Heller, continue to pressure Joe into making the decision to pursue his career in D.C.. The next scenes starts are Joe goes to work sees Louis eating his lunch and philosophically discuss their problems, becoming closer. Later that night, Joe drunkingly calls his religious mother from a pay phone and admits out loud for the first time that he is a homosexual. When he comes home, Harper argues with Joe to move to D.C. and she discovers that Joe is the same man she has terrifying hallucinations with, and leaves. Louis chooses to leave as well as he tells Prior he is moving out and needs some space. These two fights overlap back in force through the scene. The act ends with Joe’s mom coming to New York City.
“Not-Yet-Conscious, Forward Dawning” is the subtitle for Act 3. It begins with Prior being visited at night by his ghost relatives how died by the plague and discussing the unseen messenger. The play then goes to a comical conversation at politics between Louis and Belize that ends up talking about Prior and Louis begging for Belize’s help. Belize then says he can not help him. Mr. Lies takes Harper to her dream trip to Antarctica in a deep hallucination hiding from the pain of Joe and hers argument. Joe’s mother arrives to New York City and searches for the Mormon Visitor Center. Joe officially decline’s Roy’s offer resulting in a close to physical altercation. Prior’s ancestors come back to tell Prior the messenger will...

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