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Angels' Town is an ethnography of a Latino/a community just outside Chicago whereCintron's family lived while he was in graduate school. In both its style and political commitment, this ethnography follows from Michel de Certeau's understanding of everyday practices. Like de Certeau, Cintron sees everyday practices as rhetorical performancesthrough which people struggle over identity and power. From this perspective, written and oral language are one more everyday social practice like the Thumper and Too Low Flow cars, gang hand signals, a young boy's bedroom wall decorations, and the layout of city streets Cintron discusses"”the bread and butter of cultural analysis.Cintron calls his work an ethnography of the "rhetorics of public culture . . . the structured contentiousness that organizes, albeit fleetingly, a community or a culture" (x). His interest in structured contentiousness leads him to organize his story around the question "How does one create respect under conditions of little or no respect?" Three of the central chapters tell the stories of individual people struggling to construct identities and garner respect through everyday semiotic practices. But the stories of these people are not primarily opportunities for explicit theorizing. Rather, in these chapters as throughout the book, the theoretical issues that drive the analysis are implied through metaphors that emerge from the fieldsite. For example, in a chap- ter about the elderly immigrant nicknamed Don Angel with whom he lived during his fieldwork, Cintron dwells on Don Angel's mastery of alburs. Alburs is a highly stylized verbal play that turns on sexual and scatological puns, some of them extremely intricate and subtle. Don Angel does not read or write English and is looked down on in the community as too traditional. But this "illiterate" immigrant regularly demonstrates his wit and verbal power in the game of alburs, which he plays with Cintron and his research assistants as well as with others in the neighborhood.Alburs works by maintaining a coherent conversation about a conventional topic, but constantly undercutting the normative meanings with disruptive puns that run beneath the semantic surface. This model of a disruptive and resistant discourse that is parasitic on the normative provides Cintron the metaphor for Don Angel's relationship to state power and its official discourse. Cintron reads the rhetoric of identity cards, work permits, and application forms against Don Angel's collection of "official" identities, complete with birth certificates and the associated papers, which he uses as he needs them. As in alburs, Don Angel shifts identities tactically to undermine the control and stability of the normative order. Cintron then uses this model of a disruptive discourse, which runs against the normative but which also depends on it, as the vehicle for describing other scenes in which Angels' Town residents struggle for respect: the...

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