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Anger In The Body And Mind

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Imagine a fight going on between two strangers in a public place like a restaurant They are loud and disturbing everyone around them. The female throws a plate on the floor and people start to stare and are maybe getting upset or distracted by the situation. What do they look like? Are they red in the face? Do their eyes look like they are about to pop out of their skull? How are they standing? What is their body language like? What chemicals are going on in their brain? Taking a deeper look can help with understanding what being angry really means.
Everybody gets angry at some point in their life. There’s really no way to get around it. For some, their heart starts racing, their palms get sweaty, and/or they feel a heated response to whatever set them off. Plenty of things can get someone angry all the way from someone spilling milk, to the anger felt after a loved one leaves or passes away. But everyone feels and handles things a little different from the person next to them. Some people relate it to fear with the fight or flight reflex. It is more than what we see on the surface though. There are even those out there who we all know can hold grudges for a very long time. But do we know why any of this happen?
On the “Body Map That Shows Where We Feel Love, Anger, and Shame” by Victoria Taylor, the image shows anger feelings in the head, arms, hands, and the upper part of the torso and chest. We can all relate to that image seeing as when we get anger we tend to have a “hot head” and a flexed expression. While our heart beats fast and our chest feels warm. Lastly our hands feel hot and sweaty and are most likely to ball them into a fist as a response,maybe even to react in a violent way by hitting a wall or another person. When Jaimi Ryan was asked how and where it felt when he gets angry, he responded with , “I feel it in my back. My...

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