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Anger Is A Strong Emotion Essay

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After reading the essays by Aristotle ‘Anger’ and Robert C. Solomon’s ‘Anger as a Way of Engaging the World, I have discovered that anger is a strong emotion and can come from many sources.
In comparing the two essays written, both Aristotle and Solomon seem to make similar statement about the sources of anger, that it’s takes a sender and a receiver to complete the emotion of anger. Both are stating that an outside source could have caused the anger and the person offended is seeking a satisfaction. As well, both writers also state there is a perception that a negative action has occurred and almost assuredly a negative response will result. Furthermore, both authors also states that that people do derive pleasure in thinking that revenge has been satisfactorily executed when a person think they have been angered. This anger seemingly may be stemmed from several culprits; by what was said, thought to be said, what was heard and what was thought was heard. Either way, the emotion of anger has been triggered in the offended, the conclusion drawn and satisfaction sought. The writers also share similar views in the fact that something should trigger anger in all of us; but try may every attempt to not to allow it to happen.
The contrasts between the two writes are many. For instance, Aristotle states a person that is in distress may become angry but Solomon states one may “go ballistic, due to a neurological hormonal maculation in nature”, which seem to imply that one’s sense of reasoning can be challenged, and focus on whether or not the offense was done for public shame or personal insult.
Once a person is offended they began to rationalize and to think of how to return or seek retaliation and to ultimately seek pleasure from their revenge. Webster defines anger as a “strong feeling of displeasure and usually of antagonism”.
It is also stated that anger “starts in the heart and swells outwardly.” After anger, pleasure ensues because one has imagined in his mind what he could do to achieve his goal.
Solomon goes on to state states that anger is the most explosive and most dangerous emotion because it can get outside of our sense of reasoning, and surrender one to a state of madness. He then goes on to state some the physical attributes of displayed anger; such as heart racing and elevated pulse rate. He refers to this type of anger as “hostile and is therefore warned against and is considered sinful according to the Christian tradition He refers to this hostile anger as Christian tradition warns against and is considered sinful.
It is my opinion that Aristotle gives no burden of proof that anyone has honestly been offended or merely acting act learned behavior. Sometimes it’s the person offended that is the real offender. Sometimes a...

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