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Angry Babies: Juvenile Violence Essay

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At what age should we be held responsible for our actions? Society has been blaming inanimate things for its problems for far too long. Society blames food for obesity, guns for murder, and video games for youth violence. None of those things are to blame for the problems society suffers. Instead of blaming video games and media for violent children, parents need to accept the responsibility of teaching their children right from wrong. Inevitably, some children will still be violent; however the video game is still not at fault.
Juvenile violence has been decreasing since 1993. According to the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics in 1993 26% of violent crimes involved ...view middle of the document...

To help the issue parents that keep firearms in the home with their children should be required to take children of a certain age to gun safety classes. This will help children understand the potential danger of the weapons in their home. These classes would help not only children that may not understand the danger but also parents that may not have taken classes previously themselves.
The National Rifle Association has been teaching kids, as young as pre-school age, gun safety since the late 80’s. The NRA’s Eddie Eagle mascot teaches kids four steps if they ever find a gun “STOP! Don’t touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult” ( The program rather than teaching children that guns are good or bad teaches them precautions if ever they see a gun. “Like swimming pools, electrical outlets, matchbooks and household poison, they're treated simply as a fact of everyday life.” (
The classes may not be free but they are plenty worth the safety of children. Some programs offer assistance for the price of the classes. While the price may become a hindrance for parents to take their children, it should be done to protect children. Parents are not required to own firearms and if they choose to they are not required to keep them in their house with their children. If they choose to do so they should be forced to teach their children about firearms. If a parent cannot afford or refuses to take their child to a safety course then firearms should not be allowed in their house. This does not keep the parent from expressing their right to bear arms it only keeps them from housing a gun with a child ignorant to its danger.
Parents need to additionally become more involved in their children’s lives. Some children may be genetically aggressive and unaddressed can lead to violent behavior but if addressed, in some cases, the child can be helped release his/her aggression in a nonviolent way. If parents are not playing an active role in their children’s lives then these signs could be missed and the children go on ignored. If a parent blames television or a video game for the violent behavior of their child, they...

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