Conrad Murray And Michael Jackson's Death: Innocent Until Proven Guilty

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Innocent until proven guilty. This is a saying people use to basically say that until proof has been found, they didn’t do it. In court this is very true, one needs evidence to prove someone’s guilt or innocence. In the end, it’s the jury who makes the call. A jury is made up of all different people from all different backgrounds. Every person brings a different opinion and a different backstory to the jury table. In both the Conrad Murray trial and the play Twelve Angry Men, the jurors had to decide whether or not a man was guilty of murder. In both cases, the jurors most likely had previous opinions that could conceivably sway their decisions. Ultimately, on any court case, is difficult to get everyone on the jury to agree.
The Conrad Murray trial regards the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Jackson overdosed on a drug called Propofol under the supervision of Dr. Murray. Propofol is known as an anesthetic, not a sleeping aid like how Jackson was using it. In the good Doctor Beverly Phillip’s voiced opinion, “Propofol is not a sleeping aid, that’s not even in the ballpark of appropriate use” (Begley). Propofol is traditionally used in operating rooms under close supervision of doctors and other professionals. Dr. Murray giving Propofol to his patient as a sleeping aid is a serious misjudgement. According to AHFS Drug Information and Drugs Facts and Comparisons “Concomitant use of Propofol with other CNS depressants including sedative, hypnotics and inhalation anesthetics may increase the sedative, anesthetic, and cardiorespiratory depressants effects of Propofol” (AHFS Drug Information 2000). Also that “ MAC sedation patients be continuously monitored by people not involved in the conduct of the surgical or diagnostic procedure” (Drug Facts and Comparisons 991). From this book’s guidelines Dr. Murray was not following the rules; he was suppose to be constantly monitoring Jackson, but he wasn’t. Also he gave Jackson other drugs with Propofol which were never supposed to be mixed and could cause heart problems like a cardiac arrest, which lead to the pop star’s death. Dr. Murray shouldn’t have been giving Propofol to Jackson as a sleeping aid because he was going against all the rules and actually, Jackson’s room was like a pharmacy with pills, IV and other medical equipment scattered everywhere.
Six weeks, 49 witnesses, 330 pieces of evidence and one man on trial for allegedly killing his own patient (Richey,"Propofol Madness"). The judge on the case was Judge Michael Pastor and he said that “Michael Jackson died not because of an isolate one-off incident, he did because of a totality of circumstances that are directly attributable to Dr. Murray” ( Richey, “Propofol Madness” ). The big question of the case was: did Jackson inject himself with Propofol? “It all went down on June 25, 2009 at about 10:50. Jackson had been complaining earlier about his insomnia saying that he needed to be rested for rehearsal and his fans. So Dr....

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