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Aniamls Are Dangerous Essay

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The idea of a zoo is a noble idea. The objective of the zoo is to be a sanctuary where animals live in safety from dangers such as poachers and diseases. This wildlife refuge prevents animals from going extinct, and new generations of people can learn about these animals and appreciate them. Due to human shortcomings, some zoos are concrete prisons or execution chambers. The video, “Captive Animal Misery in European Zoos”, provided by Born Free Foundation on that is published on 12th January 2012 shows animals in poor living conditions. In that video, there is an elephant in a small metallic enclosure. In fact, there are no plants or anything that would be in the elephant’s habitat. The video continue to show multiple images of animals in concrete pens. These animals paced around the walls in anguish. Not only in Europe, but zoos all over the world bring misery to animals.
A number of governments recognize the distress of animals in zoos, and these nations made changes in policies for the betterment for these creatures. According to Delcianna Winders, who wrote the article “Zoos: Misery Behind Bars" in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, India creates a law that prevents zoos from displaying dolphins in captivity. The purpose of this law is to reduce the stress from unwanted human contact to the dolphins. The same article divulges that Costa Rica shuts down two zoos, and then releases the animals back to their habitats. These two governments’ actions reveal that zoos are not satisfactory handling the animals. If the dolphins are in perfect health, then why did India made a law to prevent the public from display to the public?
Other zoos solve the issue of anguish animals by drugging those creatures to keep them content. “Is it any wonder why some zoos have resorted to doping neurotic bears with anti-depressants to try to curb their anxiety? Or that zoos and aquariums keep a supply of antacids on hand because so many captive dolphins develop ulcers” (Winders)? Costa Rica closes down those zoos because the facilities cannot take care of those animals properly, thus those animals would be healthier in the wild. The animals being healthy and happy is what important. Costa Rica sets an example on how governments should act if the zoos’ actions are not beneficial to animals.
Animals are not safe in zoos. Abigail Hauslohner, who wrote the article “Giraffe Suicide? Bear Riot? It's a Zoo Unlike Any Other” for the Washington Post, reveals that animals are dying in the Giza Zoo in Egypt. According to the article, a young giraffe strangle herself to death from a wire. Animals under the supervision of people should not be able to hurt or kill themselves. Another horrifying truth in “Giraffe Suicide? Bear Riot? It's a Zoo Unlike Any Other” is that zookeepers kill camels for the purpose of selling the meat for profit. Those zookeepers have no right to kill those camels. The purpose for the camels is to educate the public. Those two...

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