Anicent Roman Buildings And There Affect On Modern Day Architecture

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When people travel to government buildings you may notice that they look like european works, that is because they were influenced by Ancient Rome. The Romans developed unique techniques on buildings which were used in some of the most greatest achievements in Ancient Rome. One of the most influential buildings was the Pantheon which remained durable and lasted for years. Roman works are adapted from Greek architecture and made a major impact on modern buildings. Because of how major Roman architecture is, learning more about it will enhance your knowledge about Ancient Rome and even more about how our some of the buildings made today.
You may know that the Romans have achieved many feats of architecture. An example is the Arch of Constantine made in 312 AD. It is a arch that celebrates the emperor Constantine that shows many works of roman art. Another achievement is the Appian Way which is a road that goes to southeast Itlay. This road was built in 312 BCE and extended for up to 330 miles! One of the greatest structure of all was the Pantheon which was one of Rome's most sophisticated monuements which has been in use for over 2000 years. The Pantheon had the most largest circular dome in the world and was used as a temple to worship the gods. Living in Rome the people went to the Roman Forum which was a place used for public meetings, religious spectacles, courts, and much more. It was built in 203 AD. Even though these structures are greatly made they would not have survived through many of the years without building materials.
The Romans used a certain material to make these buildings last. They invented a new kind of building material called concrete which was also called opus caementicium. What made roman concrete durable was that it was made out of lime, water, and clay that were found in various places. This concrete was used in the Pantheon and in the Coliseum and is very durable, since it has
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endured for centuries. The Romans have also used brick, stone, and cement for many of their structures. Roman concrete has been improved than the original one to make it more supportive on its own weight/. The Romans also knew a technique in order to built these massive structures that took years to make.
Using the various materials, the Romans have also had a...

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