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Animal abuse can defined as socially unacceptable behaviour that causes pain, suffering, non-accidental or distress which can cause death of animal. The reason I have chosen this topic is because I think animals are harmless and they need a lots of caring to do and most people don’t really care what other are doing to their animals. There are 2different types of animal abuse which are they mental abuse and physical today’s society physical animal abuse has been over ratted cases which has been very sad to read about it Burghardt, G.(2009).
Animal abuse has been identified as a lowest form of harassment form human towards animals, if any of the people who is doing any sort of abuse to their animal and gets coughed by police or any other agencies they can get charged and most likely face 6-12 months of prison sentence .this sort of abuse is illegal in Australia and it is against the policy and law White, S. (2009).

Recent research by Flynn (2000),merz-perez,heide and Silverman(2001) are concerned about the animal abuse in childhood and later violence towards humans. The primary concern is the sufficient research that has been done in this field by welfare workers. Despite growing evidence supporting the research shows this animal abuse starts from family violence and domestic violence (Flynn, 2000; Merz-Perez, Heide & Silverman, 2001; Tallichet, Hensley and Singer, 2005).

The research by Flynn (2000) argues that the issue of animal abuse can no longer be ignored for a lots of reasons because animal abuse is a serious harmful behaviour by children and adolescents; it is a relatively common childhood occurrence; it has potential negative developmental penalties; violence toward animals is related to interpersonal violence; it is connected to and may be a marker of family violence; it will help achieve a less violent society.
The survey respondents from various demographic backgrounds questions about their experiences with animal cruelty, attitudes towards violence against animals and demographics (Flynn, 2000). Respondents were asked whether they had ever: “(a) seen getting hurt, torture or tease an animal to cause it pain; (b) seen someone kill an animal; (c) had another try to control them by threatening to hurt or actually hurting an animal; (d) seen killed a stray animal; (f) hurt or tortured an animal to tease it or cause it pain; (g) killed a pet; (h) touched an animal sexually; (i) had been forced by another to hurt an animal” (Flynn, 2000, p. 88).
The study fund by Flynn(2000) that males were more likely to have been over exposed to the animal abuse more than the females, more cases were waitressed and had been claimed that males were highly perpetrated in animal abuse case Anthony, R. (2009) .
More male defendants had seen another person kill and abusing an animal, and 40% had witnessed that animal being hurt or tortured. Males were most likely to have killed animal, three times more likely to have hurt or...

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