Animal Abuse In The Name Of Science

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Millions of animals each year are used in product testing, medical and education experimentation. The animals are put through medical procedures and made to perform different acts all in the name of science. Although medical research has developed many treatments and cures to disease, the suffering and long term effects by animals during this experimentation is inhumane, cruel and often leads to the death of the animal. [IdeaConnection]
Animals are used in experimentations for chemical, drug, food and cosmetic tests, biology lessons, medical training exercises, and curiosity-driven medical experiments, many schools still use frogs and rats in classes. [PETA] The treatments of these animals are horrifying, in testing consumer products they are blinded, poisoned and forced to inhale toxic fumes. Dogs are force-fed different pesticides while rabbit’s skin and eyes are rubbed with corrosive chemicals. [1] Primates are harshly pushed to become addicted to drugs and holes are drilled into their heads. Farm animals have skin burned off and endure medical surgeries sometimes without the nessiary medications. Mice are used to grow deadly tumors, stocked, blinded made to suffer seizures, and injected with many different substances. [2]
There is now a growing movement within the scientist community including doctors and educational members that argue animal research is based on false results. They state that animals react differently than humans. The protest also states that animals do not get the same diseases as humans and the reaction to drugs, vaccines and experiments differently which concludes that some results can cause harm to humans.[3] We can see this evidence in the example of the tragedy of the 1970’s Thalidomide drug. The drug had been tested on thousands of animals and taken too marketed as a sedative for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, insuring that no harm would come to mothers or child. However thousands of children were born with deformities and even death. The manufactures of this drug under oath in a court of law stated the results are never 100 pre cent valid for human beings. [4] Dr. Arie Brecher lecture to the Medical and Juridical Society at the Hotel Dan-Panorama of Haifa in Israel on November 1, 1986, stated “Animal experiments confuse the issues and their results will never have scientific precision. There is absolutely no connection between vivisection and human health. The general belief in the value of animal experimentation is the result of brainwashing that the public has been submitted to for a long time. Behind it are the pharmaceutical industries, which spend fortunes on publicity and finance the research institutes and the universities."[4]
So what are the alternatives that are available besides testing products on animals? There are 3 main alternatives that are being used today; Cell Culture or In-Vitro is testing in test tubes. Samples are used in test tubes and methods are introduced to the tubes while...

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