Animal Abuse: Why Should These Furry Creatures Take This?

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This essay is called Why Should These Furry Creatures Take This? and its about animal abuse. Why should this strong issue be ignored? They have rights. A persuasive opinionated essay.Animal abuse is a strong issue that has been discussed for years. It is wrong anddisgusting. We shouldn't be taking the lives of other living creatures for our liking. Weshouldn't be taking advantage of them and their lives. There are many forms of animalabuse but mainly tormented in sports, entertainment, hunting, medical experiments, andproduct testing.The animals in sports and entertainment aren't usually killed, but suffer a greatdeal. In sports, the animals are involved in abuse games such as horse-racing, dogracing, rodeos, circuses, and sock fighting. These are only a few examples. In the horseand dog racing, and also rodeos, the animals are teased and whipped, like in the CalgaryStampede. In circuses, they are teased, whipped, shoved into small cages, and forced todo unnatural tricks. Tigers were not made to jump through flaming hoops. In movies, theanimals are also taught to do unnatural things, for example in Air Bud. The dog playedbasketball. Air Bud actually died from doing it. So the directors got a new Air Bud toplay in the following Air Bud movies.Hunting is the most unnecessary form of animal abuse. Also is animal abuse ingeneral, like having a pet and hitting it. If you hit a dog, he will never forget and becomeafraid of lots of things. I know from experience. I have a pitbull named Molson and he'sonly 2 years old. He used to belong to one of my brothers ex-friends. He used to beabused and hit badly. So my brother took Molson and now loves him to death. Molson isnow afraid of everything, even cats. In my opinion there is absolutely no point to hunting.It is just a game that men (and women) do that they think makes them more "manly" orpowerful. Well , maybe it could be understandable if it's for food, but when the hunting isfor sport then the hunter has gone too far. It's not fair to the animals. They don't have agun to shoot back and make it a fair game. A while ago the courts have had a youthrecently appear having shot...

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