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Throughout the world there are many animal abuse cases that increase every year, most cases not even being reported yet. The word animal cruelty gets thrown around a lot and can be categorized into different scenarios and laws. The point of researching animal cruelty is to get the reader to change their perspective on how they view animal cruelty and try to show them that animals need to be heard and helped, animals should have the same rights as human beings and there should be consequences for the abusers.
When researching animal cruelty a important factor to focus on would be animal laws, what are they? And what are the consequences for people who break them? “Animal protection laws of the United States of America and Canada seventh edition is the top resource for lawyers, law professors, law students, legislators and other legal professionals” (Animal 3). Animal laws are always up to date and are categorized into numerous of topics “The penalties and relation provisions for categories 12 and 13 are generally located within each of those respective section” (Animal 3). Sadly animal laws are not in full effect and established in every state and if they are there not taken in a serious matter. In the United states there is no federal animal cruelty law, although there are laws that protect some rights of animals it does not cover it all. Some laws that help animal rights are the Animal Welfare act that was established in 1966 and Action for Animals, these laws only specialize on how a animal may be harmed or killed in a certain situation. These laws do not cover the more typical cases that happen more often “In Canada, the federal government enacts all criminal laws, which are applicable throughout the country” (animal 2). The laws of animal try to be specific and try to detail every situation “The sixth edition of the compendium contains a detailed survey of the general animal protection and related statues for all of the states, principal districts and territories of the united states of America, and for all of Canada;” (animal 3). “The compendium is organized into separate document for each jurisdiction” (animal 2-3). Animal laws can be stretched out and used in different ways “The various provisions are organized into categories. Within the first thirteen of these categories, the relevant part of each statute is italicized” (animal 3). “The provinces and terrioties of Canada may enact quasi- criminal offences and laws in other subject areas” (Animal 2).
Most people do not report animal cruelty because they either don’t know where to report it or don’t think its something important to report. If you ever witness animal abuse you should contact the police and give them a brief description of what you saw and where “contact your local law enforcement department. Animal cruelty is a crime- and the police must investigate these crimes!” (ASPCA 1). States handle animal cruelty in many ways and you may have to report different authorities...

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