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Animal Cruelty Should Stop Essay

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When a dog is involved in an arranged fight they are one of two things, a fighter, or bait (Anti-cruelty). A dog fight is only over when one dog simply gives up, or dies, but almost always when one dies. Fights can last for hours at a time with the animals never slowing down. These animals are “trained” intensely for weeks before their first fight, and the “training” continues as their fights do. They are tortured in many different ways to gain a larger pain tolerance. Some dog fighters feed their dogs gun powder to fuel their anger before a fight. This method is obviously extremely dangerous to an animal, and most likely very painful. If a dog loses a fight and lives they are tortured as punishment (this is normally the special treatment for the trainers favorite dogs they don’t want to lose yet), starved to death, or just killed. If a dog were to escape from its captor (unlikely) it would have many problems trusting any other animal or human being again, and could easily remain very violent because of extensive trust issues (understandable). There is no type of dog fighting that is humane, but some people consider it entertainment anyways. Is it really fair that we cause severe pain, death, and violence just for a few hours of entertainment? Even though dog fighting is in fact illegal most fights are never found, trainers are rarely caught, and most dogs are never rescued.
There are people that believe that animals do not feel pain, or have real emotions because they are not equal to human beings. Studies from all across the world have proven that animals do in fact feel pain, and endure the same emotions as human beings. Just like humans, animals are vertebrates. This means they have spines, nerves, and muscles the same as us, so why should we “assume” that they cannot feel pain? Animals deserve the exact same rights and respect as human beings considering they feel, and think just like we do.
Other people believe that animals are not equal to human beings, so they should not be treated the same, and they should not have the same rights (Greek). Is that really the way to look at them? It has already been proven that they show the same emotions and share the same pain, so why should they be treated any different than us? All animals feel pain and emotions like humans, and they should be treated the same. It is only right that the same punishments be administered as abuse, neglect, and murder of a human being.
Not all states have made animal cruelty a felony (Ascione). Many states administer a fine, and short jail time as the maximum punishment for severe animal neglect. The purpose of making a crime a felony is to make sure that the person that has committed it gets the punishment they rightly deserve. When a state does not make animal cruelty a felony it does not give the abuser the proper punishment, and makes it easier for people to think they can get away with it. If abusers know that the punishment is low, and easy to push aside they are...

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