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Human beings have always looked for similarities between themselves and other people as to gain common ground. However people also attempt to make connections between themselves and the more primal parts of nature. Animals have been along side people for centuries and them being by our side we’ve assigned them certain traits and meanings as an attempt to connect with them on a deeper level. The Egyptians treated felines as almost gods in their culture because, after domestication, they killed vermin which helped crops grow. That praise evolved into worship, and gave felines new meaning among human beings. In many ways humans change animals to suit their purposes in literature and as to allow ...view middle of the document...

The bear needed more food to survive hibernation, and Treadwell provided that.
Being human means that we’re human. We’re not any other animal or being so it’s impossible for us to ever actually understand what being a different animal is like. That impossibility as caused an obsession in the human mind. We do it with almost everything we can’t do. We can’t fly and yet humans obsessed over a way we could each the clouds until we could. It’s that fascination that causes our focus on animal’s life. Countless works of literature use animals as a focal point of the story and personify them until the line between human and animal is blurred. The book series Redwall by Brian Jacques is a prime example of that. The series follows the exploits of several anthropomorphic animals capable of speech, and yet are still animals. The characters in Redwall have societies that resemble those of human creation.
There are several animals that immediately conjure feelings and specific responses from human beings. Snakes generally give an instant feeling of unease in most human beings. This could be a reaction from hearing the story of Genesis so many times that snakes have been branded as a bad symbol or it might be something more scientific. As humans evolved in Africa they had to work their way up the food chain and by doing this...

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