Animal Experimentation Pros And Cons Essay

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The first pro to animal testing is that it has helped us create lifesaving cures and treatments. The California Biomedical Research Association released a statement saying almost every single medical breakthrough has resulted in the direct use of animals in the last 100 years. Can you believe this? Taking out dogs pancreases helped us discover insulin, chimpanzees helped us get a vaccine for Hepatitis B, and even the polio vaccine was tested on animals. Animal testing has also helped us treat and understand conditions like brain injury, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, childhood leukemia, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, malaria, and many others. It even helped us develop anesthetics, pacemakers, and cardiac value substitutes. Almost every cure for any condition is due to animal testing. Without animal testing, we may not have been able to find many of these cures and find cures for other conditions in the future.
The second pro to animal testing is that there is not an alternative to a whole-body system in humans and animals. The systems of humans and animals are very advanced and studying something like a petri dish will not give the same effect as studying the whole systems in the body of an animal or human. You can’t find side effects for drugs if there is no circulatory system to have the medicine end up at different organs. Also blindness, high blood pressure, and other conditions have to be studied in actual tissue. Computer models can’t be accurate unless there is animal research anyway. Even supercomputers can’t make accurate models of complex organs.
The third pro is that animals are great to conduct research on because they are very similar to humans. For example, Chimpanzees have DNA 99% similar to humans and Mice have DNA 98% similar to humans which is why we frequently use mice in experimentation. All mammals have common ancestors which is why we have the same organs and they function in a similar fashion. Since they are so close, they are able to have the same illnesses and conditions like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
The fourth pro of animal testing is that it would not be right to put human lives in danger so animal testing must be done. If a medicine is tested for something like its toxicity, humans could be killed which would be unethical. You cannot use invasive experimental procedures without them being tested on animals first as it may put the human in danger. Especially procedures with genetic manipulation would be very unacceptable to do on humans if there was no animal testing done in advance. Human tests should always be done after animal tests to not put the human in danger.
The fifth pro is that not just humans benefit from animal testing, but animals do too. Millions of animals would have died if there was no animal testing to make vaccines for diseases like distemper, rabies, hepatitis virus, feline leukemia, anthrax, canine parvo virus, tetanus, etc. Other treatment from animal testing are pacemakers to...

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