Animal Experimentation: Pros And Cons Essay

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Animal experimentation is not as good as it may seem to humans because we are not feeling it. It is cruel to animals to experience this. Many experts say is the only way to make new medicine, but you have to think about the animal. Many people don't even know what happens during experimentation on animals.
Animal activists definition of "animal experimentation" is the infliction of pain onto animals to see their reaction. Humans use animals because we don't want to experience this ourselves. Animal testing is inhumane, for example the "Draize Eye Test". This test is where the animal is restrained, and eyes clipped open so they cannot blink for days, and literally put shampoo in their to see the effect. They do this to examine how it will effect humans.
Not only does it hurt the animals, but how do we know that; for instance a rabbit has the exact same reaction of a human. Technically, they could be wasting a animals life and potentially disabling it for its life. That said it could have a different reaction on the human body and could possibly hurt humans more than the animal. "We are not 70 kg rats" said Thomas Hartung, a professor at John Hopkins university. You need to consider when testing on an animal because you do not want to waste an animal on things that humans want, but not need. Will this effect humans in the same way animals?
Drugs that pass for animals will not necessarily be safe for humans. "The 1950s sleeping pill thalidomide, which caused 10,000 babies to be born with severe deformities, was tested on animals prior to its commercial release." This is a good example of why animals do not have the same reaction of humans, demonstrating that it may cause problems with the humans health. Statistics have shown that 94% of drugs that pass animals testing, will not work on humans.
One of the main reasons why people go against animal testing is because animals can feel pain just like us. Animals may seem like a re-usable resource, but how would you like to be strapped to a machine and basically tortured. It's basically being racist to animals, and discriminating them as less than human. No one wants to be tested on, but why would we have to rule out animals.
Scientists are refraining from using humans on experiments because its inhuman. So what makes that any different from using animals. They are living things as well, and they most likely do not like getting taken out of their natural habitat and being tested on for the remainder of their lives, just so humans can get a new lipstick or tanning lotion.
Animal testing is not just inhuman, but it's not cheap. You have to set everything up, and make sure everything goes exactly correctly or the animal may have slimmer chances of survival. They have to keep that animal alive, and well fed so it doesn't die, give it shelter, and care. Long-term experiments will increase the cost of animal care, and keep in mind it's not just a one hour experiment that the animal can leave...

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