Humans And Animal Extinction Essay

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Over a century ago, humans fought animals for dominance of the landscape and we regrettably won, now they’re in need of our protection. The Government and Organizations have come to the rescue of wildlife species all across the U.S. Their main goal is to protect wildlife species from over harvesting and also their loss of habitat due to industrial and residential development. The beauty and curiosity of wildlife captivates all of us for different reasons. For certain species, they are the link to our existence Animals are not being hunted into extinction because the government is protecting certain wildlife areas and are controlling the animal populations within those certain areas. While increasing a wildlife species population and removing from the endangered species list, a predator such as the gray wolf, is sure to be seen as a success to some and a threat to others.
Juliet Eilperin’s informative article “Once Nearly Extinct, Wolves Now Fair Game” explains that when they brought the wolves population back, protester are happy that the wolf population has thrived, but hunters and ranchers see a threat to other wildlife and cattle. He added that many of his fellow hunters exaggerate wolves' impact on both livestock wild game and the aspen trees. The aspens have declined by more than 75 percent causing others affects such as cooler streams and more vibrant animal populations. As many activists thought that hunting the gray wolves’ would again drive their population down, this would not be the case. “Montana's wolf population actually rose 15 percent after last year's hunting season, to a total of at least 650, prompting the state to allow unlimited hunting of wolves between Sept. 1 and Feb. 28. It also has allowed trapping for the first time” (Eilperin). This supports my thesis statement because Montana’s wolf population rose 15 percent last year to a total of at least 650. Meaning that the wolves are not being hunted into extinction. While wolves have become open game, many believe that the strategy to make wolves weary of humans and domesticated development will drive them back into the protection of national parks.
Patrik Jonsson’s informative article “Open Season: Will Rebound Wyoming Wolves Thrive Without U.S. Protection” explains while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has lifted the endangered species protection for the gray wolf in Wyoming, but is still protected in National park such as Yellowstone. But once outside the national park boundaries the animal can be shot on site. While the reintroduction of the gray wolves into Wyoming is a major success story, the reintroduction also raises concerns of activists and the ranchers. Both sides agree that more work needs to be done for wolves and humans to co-habitat. Also the environmentalists have concerns that the gray wolf will be hunted back into extinction the U.S. Fish and Wildlife will continue to monitor the gray wolf population. While the U.S. wildlife service has lifted the...

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