Animal Farm, A Critical Essay

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For one such as George Orwell to write the book Animal Farm is not usual, but rather expected. Orwell was born in Matihari, India, in 1903. From an early age, Orwell showed talent in academics and earned a scholarship to Eton. Eton was an accomplished school, usually for the upper class. Since Orwell did not pay his own tuition into the school, many of his administrators tormented him, and he lost interest in traditional education over time. Instead, he returned to India and served as a policeman in the Indian Imperial Police. Orwell returned from India to England in 1927 to fulfill his childhood dream to be a writer. Many of his novels were political, and although he had a hatred of Communism, he was a socialist. He desired to teach his audience and to change ...view middle of the document...

From 1943 to 1946 he was the editor of the newspaper, the "Tribune". He also served as a wartime correspondent from Paris in 1945. He wrote and published Animal Farm during this time.In the late 1940s, his health seriously began to decline. Orwell died from a hemorrhaged lung in 1950, before he could ever see the impact of his writing. The book Animal Farm consists of themes that had concerned Orwell for much of his life like politics, truth, and conflict between classes. Using allegory Orwell made his political statement that could be read as an entertaining story about animals or, according to Thomson, on a deeper level, "a savage attack on the misuse of political power"(31). On the first level, Animal Farm is about a group of animals that drives the humans from the farm they live on, and who then try to run the farm themselves, only to have their plan corrupted because of their own tyranny. On a deeper level, Animal Farm is an allegory of the Communist revolution in Russia. There are examples of allegories throughout the book, of both people and events. Some main allegories in the book, according to Thomson, are… Characters: Napoleon = Joseph Stalin Snowball = Leon Trotsky Old Major = Nicholi Linin Dogs = NKVD/KGB Boxer = Working Class Mr. Jones = Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia Moses = Russian Orthodox Church Militant Friends = Western Countries "white army" Places/Objects: Windmill = First 5 year plan Destruction of windmill = The destruction of Stalingrad Taking of eggs = The collection of property for the government "Beasts of England" = The "International" (27). Animal Farm was written during World War II, but because the book criticized the Soviet Union, one of England's allies in World War II, publication was delayed until the war ended.

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