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Animal Farm is considered to be one of the best books of the 20th century. Throughout the story we see how George Orwell talks about many different issues which he addresses throughout the story. Mainly all the issues that were going on in Russia during Stalin’s regime are the things Orwell tries to show with his novel. This novel was banned in the USSR for being considered as anticommunist. On the other hand this novel was also banned in the US because of its communist text at the beginning. This novel is an allegory of what was happening in Russia with communism. How communism rises and how the corruption of itself creates its own downfall. In the case of Animal Farm there are a lot of ...view middle of the document...

As time passes by a rift between Napoleon and Snowball begins to grow so they decide only one can rule the farm. Napoleon gets his own army of canines and takes power for himself and now everyone has to work much more than what they were used to and have less food because Napoleon is too busy spending it all on himself, this is something that happened through several years. This by now is not oppression but rather tyranny, Napoleon is now blinded by power and can only think of governing the farm at all costs with the help of his private army no one can dare to question him. Now not only the strength of the animals and the resources are getting scarce the rule list made at the beginning were reduced and changed. By the end winter is coming and the animals after a series of confrontations with other farms for the power of the farm have ceased in numbers and a deadly future waits whilst Squealer and Napoleon spend everything they have on alcohol. Everything ends with all the animals (or what’s left of them after everything that has happened) peeking through the window and looking at the pigs walking in two feet.
George Orwell criticizes communism and its evolution. The evolution of communism involves how everything starts off very nicely and how with time that political model becomes, with time a very dangerous political system. At the beginning everything was perfect everybody was happy and helped each other, they sang, they laughed, and they fought together. This is to show that if there is no corruption in theory communism could be a utopia. Think about everyone being able to just get along without having to think in social class or getting treated equal, every man is equal no matter what and all of those ideas that communism bring to the table? As things progress and the leaders start...

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