“Animal Farm” And Soviet Russia Essay

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In the allegorical book “Animal Farm”, the author George Orwell portrayed the similarities of communism on an “Animal Farm” to Russia, under the rule of Joseph Stalin. Orwell used animal characters on the farm to represent particular members of the Russian society. One example is Napoleon, one of the pigs in the book, whom was the ruler of the “Animal Farm”, and was the character that represented Stalin. Orwell used each character in the book to show readers the flaws of communism, and sent the message that if citizens do not take an active role in contributing to society they will crumble. The characters in the book coined their way of living as “Animalism”, which is Communism in animal terms. Every character written portrayed the failures of Stalin’s reign, and showed the readers that if you take the good in society and ignore the bad, eventually people will begin to see the world they love fall apart around them.
In “Animal Farm” where the word Animalism is created, is used to describe the movement for the animals that can work for themselves. Mr. Jones owns the Farm where the book takes place. In the first chapter, the animal’s labor is best described as slavery. The animals were all poorly fed and overworked. Uproar for a revolution was approaching. Old Major, an old pig of the farm tells the animals the idea of a revolution to all of the animals. In Communism’s “Communist Manifesto” Communism also talks about a change that must occur. The animals hated the dictatorship of the humans and wished to rule themselves where all animals were equal. Communism was also based on the belief that all people were equal. The common people were tired of the rich getting richer while the poor kept getting poorer. Animalism supported the idea that nobody was owned by another individual. Communism displayed the same rule. George Orwell believed that it was foolish of Communism to think the concept of equality through socialism would come out to be successful.
The animals of Manor farm were almost exact replicas of the people in Russia at the time when communism was starting. After driving out the humans from Manor farm, the pigs then take on a leadership role. Snowball and Napoleon become the spokesmen for the animals almost immediately. Snowball was an appealing speaker that was idealistic about the revolution and felt that he could create improvements to the living conditions of all the animals. Napoleon was more to the point when he spoke and was crueler. Trotsky was a by the book sort of guy and wanted to improve the lives of the people. Stalin was selfish and devious and did not follow the exact teachings of Communism when it was first developed. Snowball was chased from the farm by Napoleon’s pack of crazy dogs. These dogs represented the Soviet KGB which was a secret police that ran Trotsky out of office.
Besides only representing groups, some animals and objects held great symbolism. Moses, the raven was loyal to the people in the beginning...

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