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Although George Orwell’s Animal Farm was created in order to mimic individuals as well as occurrences that took place during the Russian Revolution period, it is still possible to gain a comprehensive understanding of the text without a past knowledge of history through the exploitation of human nature’s imperfections. Following the publishment of his novel, Orwell confirmed that his goal in writing this fable was to expose the wrongdoing of the Soviet Union as well as the treachery of the true ideas of the Revolution. Nonetheless, there have been several other examples of events such as the French Revolution that can effortlessly be contrasted against components of the allegory. However, we ...view middle of the document...

In his speech, it becomes apparent that Old Major has an uncompromising hatred for humans – for he is quoted saying, “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy” (page 6) – this mirrors how Lenin was inflexible with his views. An associate of Lenin’s was Leon Trotsky; his stand-in in Animal Farm is Snowball (SMMC PowerPoint. 2014.). Snowball’s hopes for the windmill reflect Trotsky’s intellectual demeanour as well as his ideas of how to put Karl Marx’s theory of Communism into action. Eventually, Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Union and executed by Joseph Stalin, just like Snowball was banished from the farm by Napoleon (page 35) – George Orwell’s counterpart for Stalin. Napoleon’s dogs are a reference to Joseph Stalin’s secret police that he used to exterminate anyone who was seen as a threat to him. Stalin also used large amounts of propaganda – Squealer represents this in the novel (SMMC PowerPoint. 2014). The Battle of the Cowshed (page 26-27) mimics the Civil War that arose after the 1917 Revolution. Frederick Pilkington depicts Adolf Hitler, who established an “alliance” with Joseph Stalin in 1939, but then ordered his troops to fight against the Soviet Union two years later (CliffNotes. 2013.). At a glance, Pilkington appears to be Napoleon’s ally, however his “forgery bank-notes” (page 68) expose his real identity. The capital punishments inflicted on various animals (page 56), mirror the several “show trials” Stalin pioneered in order to eliminate those who disputed his actions as leader. In 1921, seamen of the Kronshdadt military station failed to successfully rebel against Communist jurisdiction (CliffNotes. 2013.); this reflects the hens’ failed venture of revolting against Napoleon (page 51). The Battle of the Windmill (page 69-70) – where Napoleon beats Pilkington – parallels the Soviet Union’s participation in the Battle of Stalingard during WWII; when Stalin’s army triumphs over Hitler’s (CliffNotes. 2013.). The card game at the end of the novel (page 94) mirrors the Tehran Conference, where Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt met to discuss possibilities of establishing long-term peace after the war (CliffNotes. 2013.) – a peace that George Orwell mocks by having Pilkington and Napoleon praise but then proceed to argue with each other due to cheating in the card game. Although Animal Farm was written to ridicule individuals and occurrences during the Russian Revolution, it is not the only rebellion this allegorical text draws parallels to.
More than half a century since the publishment of Orwell’s timeless novel, it still remains possible to make comparisons concerning elements of the text and a range of different occurrences, political figures and governments other than Orwell’s primary target, such as the Revolution in France. The French Revolution commenced in the early 1790’s. At the time, King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were in power. However, King Louis was more worried about his social...

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