Animal Farm Essay Regarding Communist Russian And What Happened In Russia During Hard Times English Essay

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Harpreet Singh
Period: 5
Animal Farm
In the book Animal Farm, it shows how the animals and the farm in the book represent communist Russia. One of the important characters in book is Boxer the horse. Boxer represents the common, working people in communist Russia. Boxer was one the big reasons why the windmill was complete. Although he was a hard worker, courageous, and a great risk taker for the farm bad things had happen because of him. In Orwell’s Animal Farm, it’s shown that Boxer’s inspiration led to his own death on the farm.
Boxer is a very hard working animal on the farm and this is a big reason why he died.
Even “After his hoof had healed up, Boxer worked harder than ever” (81). Normally a person takes rest or doesn’t work that much after they have been injured but Boxer in the other hand had worked twice as much. He was so into building to windmill that he didn’t care about his body. “Boxer refused to take even a day off work” (76). This made matters even worse because it was having more bad impact on body. His body was still recovering from the injury and now he was pushing his body to work too much. If I was Boxer then I would’ve went easy on myself and taken a few days off. That way Boxer could’ve had a much healthier body and relieve some stress on him. Eventually Boxer had worked for the rebellion so much the he worked himself to death.
Being careless is an another Boxer doing and it also led to his death. “Clover treated the hoof with poultices of herb which she prepared be chewing them, and she and Benjamin urged Boxer to work less” (76). Boxer didn’t care for his health and still kept working after he has been seriously injured and Boxer is huge example for that. Boxer carelessness makes him work even more after he barely recovered and starts to work nonstop. Clover and Benjamin had also “warned him...

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