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Animal Farm Focus Point Essay

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In the book Animal Farm by George Orwell, a group of animals working on a farm overturn their human owners. As time goes on in Animal Farm the pigs slowly come to power and with this start becoming more and more like the humans they once despised. This is evident in the book because the pigs keep changing the rules that stop them becoming human like. At the start of the book it describes the way the animals were treated under Farmer Jones supervision. When the animals over-run the farm it seems that all the animals are much better off than before. Slowly the pigs come to power and it seems all is well until the pigs begin changing the original Seven Commandments. First to change was "No animal shall sleep in a bed in sheets." (Underline indicating changed bit). This was changed to protect the pigs because they took over Jone's house and were sleeping in his bed. They told the animals they slept there so they could rest their brains. This was the point when the pigs totally stopped working all together. They asked the pigs a rhetorical question, "would you rather us rest our brains of a night time and think during the day to make animal farm a better place for all" "Yes it is for the best" The second commandment to be changed was "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess." This was changed when the pigs found a case of Mr. Jone's whisky. When they drank too much they all had hangovers in the morning. Slowly the pigs began to stay inside and only came out when they were needed. The next commandment to change was the most radical of the lot. Sure enough one day Clover was in the garden when she spotted one of the pigs walking on its hind legs. All of a sudden the sheep that were taken by Napoleon days before came running out bleating "Four legs good, two legs better". Later that day Clover was in the room where all the commandments were written on the wall, even though her eyes were bad the walls seemed to be different. She asked Benjamin if the commandments were the same as they used to be, instead of getting someone else Benjamin read the only thing written on the wall. " ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS." After that no one...

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