Animal Farm Is An Animal Satire

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Animal Farm is an animal satire through which Orwell indirectly criticizes the Russian Communism, Stalinism by using animals to portray the different classes of people. The aim of satire is to criticize the object of attack, teaching a moral indirectly with a humorous tone, in the animal satire, the author uses animals instead of human beings and places his animals in human situations. Thus Orwell is able to attack on the political ideas and entertain the reader at the same time.The first chapter of the book introduces old Major, the prize White boar, telling the animals about his dream. He says he dreams of a new life for the animals and encourages them to take action against the farmer, Mr. Jones. Shortly afterwards old Major dies, the animals rebel. They expel Jones and rename the farm as Animal Farm. All the animals participate in the rebellion. The pigs, who consider themselves the cleverest of all, assume the administration of the farm. They then write the Seven Commandments of Animalism on the wall:1."Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy."2."Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a friend" changes into:3."No animal shall wear clothes."4."No animal shall sleep in a bed"5."No animal shall drink alcohol"6."No animal shall kill any other animal"7."All animals are equal"After this war, Snowball spends all his time trying to improve life in the farm, one of his ideas is to build a windmill; another is to educate the young. Although Napoleon seems to oppose the idea of the windmill, soon afterwards he drives Snowball out of the farm by force and takes over the project as his own. After Snowball has left, life for the animals gets harder and harder. The pigs and the dogs are cruel leaders and do no work to help the farm, despite this they still take whatever they want and when someone complains, they just claim that they need it because they are smarter, which the animals believed. It was agreed without further argument that the milk and the apples should be reserved for the pigs alone.The reader gets an ironic viewpoint because of they see and understand the plots of the pigs which the animals so naively miss. Thus, the reader feels sympathy for the lower animals. In addition, while the reader gets annoyed at the situation, the animals are merely confused. The ironic distance emphasizes the corruption in human nature. Though old Major starts with good intentions, irony goes hand in hand with satire to reveal that these good intentions are certain to be manipulated into evil intentions by Napoleon, creating the total opposite of the "promised land."Napoleon uses Snowball as a scape-goat to force the animals to both be more loyal, and to work harder. He claims that Snowball comes and goes secretly to harm the animals and to steal and sabotage. Later on, he is accused of destroying the windmill and of being in league with Mr. Jones. In time, the pigs start to do trade with human beings. As the pigs acquire more human habits, the Seven...

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2018 words - 9 pages George Orwell includes a strong message in his novel Animal Farm, which is easily recognizable. Orwell’s Animal Farm displays two primary problems that were not only prominent in his WWII society, but also reoccurring problems in all societies. Orwell’s novel delivers a strong political message about class structure and oppression from the patriarchal society through an allegory of a farm that closely resembles the Soviet Union. George Orwell

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569 words - 2 pages Animal Farm is what is called an Allegory, or also known as a story in which the characters and the action represent an idea or generalization about life; Allegories often have a strong moral or lesson in them. Animal Farm takes place in England on a farm called Manor Farm. This farm is run by a man named Mr. Jones. One day on the farm the oldest pig named Old Major, who represents Marx, tells the other farm animals that he had a dream that he

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1277 words - 6 pages , which is exemplified when Mr. Jones' and human management of the farm appears to follow a free-market capitalist model, that almost always is associated with class division. This is seen in the book where the animals, who represent the lower class of society go through hard labor, solely benefitting the humans running the farm, who represent the upper class. An example of this in “Animal Farm”, can be seen Reed's reading of George Orwell’s

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731 words - 3 pages mainly use an American accent.Animal Farm is about a farm in England during the Russian revolution. The animals on Manor Farm are fed up with the way they are being treated. Inspired by a speech given to them by a late animal named Major, the animals revolt. The animals drive the owner off the farm and take over. The pigs who were the smartest animals took control, set up rules, and kept the farm together.Throughout the years on the farm the

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1059 words - 4 pages Animal Farm is an allegory of the period in Russian history between 1917 and 1944. It is a satirical story written in the form of an animal fable. In writing Animal Farm as a fable, George Orwell is able to present his subject in simple symbolic terms by treating the development of communism as a story that is taking place on a single farm with talking animals. The characters of Animal Farm represent figures in Russian history during the

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1014 words - 5 pages Propaganda is the spreading of ideas either rumors or facts, using media such as television or newspapers, for the purpose of influencing the public's opinion of an individual or institution. Propaganda is used heavily in the novel Animal Farm, by George Orwell. The novel is an allegorical story with both a literal meaning, animals overthrowing an abusive farmer and then, the farm descends into a tyrannical state, as well as symbolic meaning of

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1569 words - 6 pages eloquently and with their help, he put the (then) Soviet Union under his regime. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the story of the Russian Revolution and its leaders are told through the use of allegorical satire. This masterpiece enlightens the human population about Russian communism and writes of the “leader” Napoleon, his troop of pigs, and the inhabitants of Animal Farm, who are oblivious to Napoleon’s corrupted ways and follow him blindly. In reality

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1198 words - 5 pages meeting to discuss. As Snowball is presenting his speech about the windmill Napoleon makes an unusual noise so his nine attacking dogs can come and chase Snowball off the farm. Since Snowball is gone from the farm, Napoleon declares himself as leader of Animal Farm. George Orwell describes the scene to the reader as; "At this there was a terrible baying sound outside, and nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars came bounding into the barn

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1699 words - 7 pages he would then lose almost or all of his power. So he banishes Snowball, steals the idea of the windmill, and changes the use of it to only benefit him. Napoleon has an addiction to power and must always have more. After it has been decided that the pigs will run Animal Farm Napoleon is still not satisfied with that. He wants more power, and he doesn't want to share any of that with Snowball. So he creates a plan to run Snowball off the farm so

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684 words - 3 pages Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, is a dystopian allegory. Its book cover sports a red and black background, with a pig (presumably Snowball) sneaking in front of a windmill. Set in Manor Farm, a group of farm animals are mistreated by their owner, Mr. Jones. Shortly before Old Major, an old, highly-respected pig, dies, he tells all the animals to revolt against Mr. Jones. After his death, and shortly after, the expulsion of Mr. Jones

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865 words - 3 pages War II. Napoleon is the successor in the revolution, as was Stalin. Of cause, Snowball and Trotsky were the losers.Mr. Jones, the owner of Manor Farm, controls Manor Farm. He gives a lot of work for the animals to do. It is supposed to be more work, more reward. However, that does not work on Animal Farm. The animals do not get enough food to eat and they are treated badly. At the same time Old Major, an old pig, stands up and brings the idea of

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790 words - 3 pages George Orwell’s novel ‘Animal Farm’ is an allegorical fable of the Russian Revolution. It depicts the Revolution in a way that is inoffensive to people and also very easy to understand. This controversial novel also teaches many valuable lessons, all very true in man’s past and also in the present. In all of man’s histories, there are legends of tyrannical kings and merciless emperors, corrupted with the thirst for ultimate power. Education