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Animal Farm Paper

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What would America be like if we took away our current government system and replaces it with a new system. Would America’s problems go away or would they get worse. This is exactly what happened in Animal Farm after the animals drive out the humans and take over themselves. Although change may be wanted, the consequences of changing may or may not be what is hoped for is shown through Napoleon because they animals wanted change on their farm, but the results weren’t what they wanted. Napoleon expelled Snowball, he became tyrannical and he altered the commandments so he could do what he wanted.
After the overthrowing of humans, Snowball and Napoleon were ruling the other animals fairly together and helped the animals prosper. After Napoleon has his mutts chase Snowball of the farm, he was now free to make the decisions that would affect the animals however he wanted. He was allowed to take away sunday meetings and he discontinued the singing of Beasts of England. Although a few animals did disagree with Napoleon’s ideas, Squealer, Napoleon’s faithful servant, was able to convince them that all his proposals were for a reason. “It’s no longer needed,” said Squealer stiffly. “Beasts of England was a song of the Rebellion. But the Rebellion is now completed. The execution of the traitors this afternoon was the final act. ……….. Clearly this song has no longer any purpose.” P.88. After Napoleon bans the singing of this song, it shows that he feel like he has the power to do whatever, even though there was supposed to be freedom and no single leadership.
Originally, the Rebellion was meant for the animals to be free from leadership, but Napoleon thinks it’s time for him to control the others with an iron fist. Napoleon was free to make all the decisions he wanted and do what he wants. The pigs move...

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