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7 February, 2104
In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the animals revolt and take over the farm, much like when the Russians revolted in the Russian Revolution. The animals are then led by two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball. Orwell uses these pigs to represent Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky. Throughout the book, the reader can see that Orwell does not approve of the Russian Revolution or Stalin. Orwell characterizes Stalin and Trotsky as sanctimonious pigs, makes their motivational song be sung to a ridiculous tune, and has the pigs go against what they had advocated in the beginning to show that he does not approve of the Russian Revolution.
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Instead, it makes the reader believe that their revolution is a joke. By doing this, it demonstrates how frank Orwell is when trying to show how he does not approve of the Russian Revolution. Orwell creating the uniting song of the animals sound like a children’s song, makes the reader know that he does not believe that the Russian Revolution was a good idea to go through with.
In the beginning of the novel, the pigs create rules that all of the animals are supposed to follow. The pigs then begin to change the commandments to benefit themselves. This leads to the other animals, who work for everything that the pigs have, to be “oppressed and neglected” (Letemendia 131). This represents how Orwell dislikes the Russian Revolution to the point that he makes the pigs turn the other animal’s thoughts of a good future into “an appalling nightmare” (Sapakie 12), just as what Stalin had done in the Russian Revolution. Orwell making the pigs walk on their hind legs not only “obscures the boundaries of reality” (Sapakie 10), but it also shows that Orwell wants the reader to see that by the pigs becoming the humans, Stalin and his...

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