Animal Farm The Seven Commandments And Their Interest Based Modifications

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In order for a civilization to progress and stay within the boundaries of serenity, laws, or as they are called in the novel "commandments", have to be established. In a democracy these laws would be voted by the majority, in a dictatorship however, these commandments would be established by a leader or more appropriate, a dictator. In those circumstances commandments could be molded to satisfy a dictator and his doings rather than interest of the majority. Throughout Animal Farm, such commandments are set out and then revised for obvious reasons that are in the interest of Napoleon and Squealer, their leaders that take the role of dictators.Shortly after Jones was abolished from the farm, the pigs namely Napoleon and Squealer, which were said to be the most intelligent animals, established the seven commandments. As they quickly progressed, they moved their habitat from the barn to the comforts of Jones' house. However this broke one of the seven commandments that said "No animal shall sleep in a bed." In order to pull the wool over the eyes of the less intelligent animals and remain in the house, the two head leaders changed the commandment to "No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets".As time progressed Napoleon and Squealer began to undertake the traits of dictators. With this they began to cut food rations in order to have more for themselves. Further so, when the hens did not meet egg productions, the pigs became violent and slaughtered them. The slaughter of animals continued when a sheep was killed as it confessed to having urinated in the drinking pool. As more animals came and confessed their wrong doings the pigs saw fit to kill them and so in become necessary to amend the sixth commandment in order to appear that they are faithful followers of the set commandments. The revised commandment now said, "No animal shall kill other animal without cause." The change of the fifth commandment came soon after the discovery of an overlooked case of whiskey. It so happens that this case of whiskey sparked interest in the pigs to begin brewing and distilling. Therefore as the pigs began to consume more and more alcohol it became necessary to once again amend a commandment. Squealer deviously did this one night while he himself being half drunk. To his misfortune, due to his drunken state, fell off the latter and was almost seen by the whole farm had it not been for the dogs that quickly disguised the incident. Conveniently the commandment now said, "No animal shall drink alcohol to excess." As the years passed, many from the old days died. The Rebellion was forgotten except by the few that remained. Young animals accepted everything that they were told about animalism. The farm became more prosperous and better organized. This was mainly due to the completion of the windmill, which provided great income by milling corn rather than providing power, which was its initial purpose. Their hopes of electric stalls with...

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