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Animal Farm Vs. The Russian Revolution

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George Orwell's satire “Animal Farm” is more than a cute story about talking Animals. On the surface it may seem simplistic but after thorough investigations one can conclude its uncanny reflection of the main events following the Russian Revolution.
The Rebellion is won and the animals seize control of Manor Farm causing a shift in power (from humans to animals). Similarly, the Russian proletariats win the Russian Revolution giving the political power to the Bolsheviks Party. New constitutions are created that better support the ideologies and ethics of the new government, in both societies. Karl Marx published The Russian Communist Manifesto, which introduced the principles of communism ...view middle of the document...

Characters such as Napoleon, Snowball, Boxer and Jones are used to represent various figures. Napoleon initially obtained power after the rebellion alongside the other pigs, but his obsession with power incited the expulsion of Snowball (his only real competition) and the manipulation of the other animals. He used the dogs to instill fear in the others and used them to impose the fate of execution to anyone who confessed to conspiring against him. Napoleon began his reign as an animalist and ended as a dictator, exploiting his animals for his own wealth. Napoleon is astoundingly similar to Joseph Stalin. Like Napoleon, Stalin came to office after the Revolution. Stalin’s obsession with power caused him to imprison most of his political competition and exile Leon Trotsky (main competitor). His government invested millions in misleading propaganda to ensure the citizens saw him as a hero. He terrorized his conspirators with the KGB and in the 1930s Stalin’s Great punished anyone suspected of conspiracy. Snowball and Trotsky also possess multiple similarities. They were both exiled by the leaders of government, led the army to win the Rebellion and wanted to internationalize the concept of communal living. After their expulsion, both Trotsky and Snowball were wrongfully demonized and used as scapegoats to justify the misfortunes of the government and keep the citizens from questioning the leadership. Boxer is used to represent the Russian proletariats. They were most loyal disciples of the revolution, working for the benefit of all. They mindlessly follow command and believe everything the government tells them to believe. Boxer’s death is made to signify the betrayal of Stalin’s government, a government that was supposed to work towards the prosperity of the working class, which exploited and mistreated its people. Jones was the original leader of Manor farm. He was a dictator and ruled with an iron fist and he could be compared to Czar Nicholas II of Russia, the emperor before the revolution. Like Jones, he led his people into poverty, famine and helplessness which resulted in revolution.
Animal farm is an allegory that mocks the Russian political system between the years 1918 and 1943. Orwell designed the plot of Animal Farm to mimic Russia between the Revolution and WW2, thus making major events in Animal Farm highly comparable to the major events in Russia during that time period. The first comparable event in the story is the Rebellion. The animals are oppressed by Jones’ totalitarian regime and, after Old Major’s speech instills hope in them, they feel it is in their best interest to rebel. Czar Nicholas II does the same to the Russian proletariats. He established a society in which the rich lived extravagant lives, while the...

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