Animal Literature Review

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Animals are around us all the time. Around the world, animals and their interactions with nature and other species are being studied. This paper will be describe six studies that have recently been conducted on various animals close to home and otherwise. Within these studies are relations to the human world. Researchers connect motion, diseases, and methods of testing health from the wilderness to human civilization. Learning about animals helps us to understand nature better, as well as keying in some interesting information into the lives of humans. Creature-like technology is being incorporated into machinery. Vaccines for camels could aid the human population in staying alive. ...view middle of the document...

In the other study, researchers replicated animal movement in modern machines. In both studies, learning about natural transport in animals is key to incorporating more energy efficient machines into modern technology.

Along with the literal movement of animals comes the movement of diseases between them. Animals, like the camel and the mosquito, play a major role in the diseases humans contract. Dromedary camels were tested in "Camels Linked to Spread of MERS Virus in People" and shown to have antibodies, giving proof that MERS, or Middle East Respirations Syndrome was present. Human victims of MERS were found to have interactions with camels, leading researchers to conclude that camels were responsible for humans contracting the disease. Michael Osterholm came up with the idea of a camel vaccine, however this plan could not be completed due to political issues and natural boundaries. In a similar issue, “Preventing Malaria by Protecting Mosquitoes”, mosquitoes were studied. Mosquitoes spread malaria when they distribute the bacterium Plasmodium to their victims. In this study, mosquitoes were injected with Wolbachia bacterium, which prevented Plasmodium from entering the mosquitoes’ immune systems. This was a solution to preventing malaria due to the fact that the Wolbachia would be transferred from a mother mosquito to all of her young. This way, once one generation of mosquitoes was injected with Wolbachia, all generations afterward would be protected from malaria. However, other types of mosquitoes, such as those who live in Africa, had different results. ...

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