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Micheal Pollan , a writer for the New York Times magazine published an article on November 10, 2002. “An Animals place”, Concerning the moral issue whether or not its right to consume meat as humans. Pollan also introduces a Peter Singer’s argument, which is very straightforward. Based on equality, We humans are not all equal: “Some are smarter than others, better looking, and more gifted. (Pollan 2). The main idea is to comprehend that “Everyone’s interests should receive equal consideration regardless of what abilities they may posses. (Pollan 2). This is where a question arises and a parallel problem swings along. If one individual has more intelligence and uses another individual for ...view middle of the document...

Pollan appeals to autortity: an argument that defers to the authority of an individual, precedent, convention, etc. Steve Davis, an animal scientist at Oregon State University has estimated that in the case that America adopts a strictly vegetarian diet, the total number of animals killed every year would actually increase. Davis contends that if our goal is to kill as few animals as possible, then it would be pointless if we stop eating them because it appears that killing animals is unavoidable no matter what we eat. Animal rights activists don’t realize the consequences that will occur after humans stop consuming animals, that’s what Pollan is hinting to. Animal activists should take the effects into consideration and re-evaluate their claims.
“My first line of defense was obvious. Animals will kill one another all the time. Why treat animals more ethically than they treat one another? (Ben Fraklin) “If you eat one another, I don’t see why we may not eat you.” (Pollan). Whether or not we eat animals they will still eat each other how can animal rights activists stop that? Which brings another interesting claim that Pollan bought, People should work for animal welfare rather than animal rights. Animals use each other a source of food, what difference does it make if humans consume them. If humans stop...

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