Animal Moralities And Human Negligence Essay

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Tom Regan is an American philosopher and teacher. Regan was born in November 28, 1938 in Pittsburgh, and he received his B.A. at Thiel College. He has spent most of his career teaching philosophy at North Carolina state university, where he is now professor emeritus. Regan is regarded as one of the leading intellectuals in the animal rights movement. One of his ethic essays includes “The Case for Animal Rights”, and it was published in 1985 when he was 47 years old. According to the essay “The Case for Animal Rights,” Tom Regan discusses the objectives about the abolition of the use of animal in sciences, the termination of industrial animal agriculture, and the elimination of marketable and hunting and trapping games.
The first objective is the eradication of the practice of animal in science because it will keep our creatures away from suffering. It is addressed to the Scientifics and the owners of animal laboratories because they are using animals for experiments and unnecessary research for the human benefits. The structure of this topic is comparing and contrasting animals to humans. People cannot validate harming or killing a human being for the assistances of others, in the same manner, people cannot justify hurting or destroying an animal life for the human needs. The creatures should have the same rights as the people. The tone over this topic describes the annoyance of how Scientifics views and treat animals with lack of respect and as less valuable thing in their laboratories just for the resource of humans.
The second target is the termination of animal industries farming because they allow faunae to be viewed and treated as resources for the general public. The intended audience for this topic are the farmers and the factories because they maintain creatures in stressful oppressive restriction, and they ignore their pain, needs and suffering. The structure of this point is comparing and contrasting because animals has natural values like human being. The tone of this particular point demonstrates the disappointing part of people violating animal’s rights by using poisonousness test on these creatures. Most of the fabrics abuses and looks the animals as our renewable provisions for our necessities. The faunae are the money maker of these companies to make them rich.
The last goal is the elimination of commercial and sport hunting and trapping. The intended audience is to the people who are manipulating and exploiting animals because they use them to get money and enjoyment. The tone is anger because most of the human uses these creature for their benefits, and they take out any morality from the animals. They shows animals as objects. The treatment of these creature are wrong because it violates the right to animals. The people who uses these animals are affecting the moral status of the animals.
The concept of animals rights lies on the eradication of the practice of animal in science, the...

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