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Animal Overpopulation Essay

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Thousands of animals are put to sleep each year due to not having any available homes for them to be adopted. According to Jennifer Sexton and Tom Warhol in Domestic Animal Overpopulation, “The average female cat can produce two litters of six kittens per year, a female dog can produce one litter of six or more puppies per year, making pet overpopulation a significant problem.” Animal overpopulation is costing money and you can help the pets with spay and neutering programs. A new solution is mandatory contracts for breeders and spay and neuter programs. This paper will talk about spay and neuter programs, contracts for breeders, and why some people don’t think animal overpopulation is a problem. Thankfully there are solutions to this issue of animal overpopulation.

Animals are overpopulated, and it is costing countries money to euthanize, or use chemicals kill animals with a shot, animals. Money is also being taken for shelters to operate. Some countries didn’t pay for the euthanization of their pet problem though, they found another way to try to fix the issue. “.... the dogcatchers of New York caught 5,825 dogs, which were then placed into crates and lowered into the East River to drown.”(Jennifer Sexton and Tom Warhol, Domestic Animal Overpopulation). According to Jennifer Sexton and Tom Warhol in Domestic Animal Overpopulation, “Catching, feeding and caring for unwanted animals costs taxpayers and private agencies millions of dollars each year, as do adoption and education programs.” Citizens, animals, and shelters are affected by this issue of animal overpopulation. Citizens are affected because their taxes are being put to shelters, the shelters are then cost for chemicals to put the pets to sleep. The animals are then put to sleep in order to keep the population of pets under control. The animal would have been saved from this horrible fate if there were enough willing homes to take them in or there were less of them that were homeless. People have tried to fix this problem in different ways only some where effective.

Citizens and shelters have tried to solve this before with spay and neuter programs. Some rescues such as SAAP, stray animal adoption program, spay and neuter before the animals are adopted to avoid them repopulating. Some other rescues spay and neuter for free like ASPCA, but not all(ASPCA,Top 10 Reasons to Spay and Neuters Your Pet). This solution was effective but only on the animals it was performed on. This solution didn’t help the overall issue of animal overpopulation, because it was only...

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