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“Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way.” People often ask what is animal abuse, where does it happen, how often does it happen, what are the main types of animal abuse, and what are animal rights? Animal abuse is a large problem and happens all over the world. It comes in many forms, and some people don’t even realize that what they are doing or seeing is considered animal abuse. Animal abuse doesn’t happen to just household pets. 64.5% of animal abuse involves dogs, 18% involves cats, and 25% involves other animals. Animals are living creatures and have feelings too. Just because they can’t speak up about how they are feeling and tell you to stop, does not mean it is right.
People believe that because an animal is an animal and not a human, that they do not have feelings and can’t feel the pain that is being inflicted among them. When an animal is being abused, the person does not believe that they are actually hurting the animal when they hit and starve them, or when they keep an animal locked in a small cage. They think that when they abuse an animal, it is right and there is nothing wrong with it.
There are many different types of animal abuse. Neglecting an animal is one form of abuse. Neglecting an animal consists of not giving the animal proper nutrition, proper shelter, or veterinary care when needed. All these things are important for an animal and is needed in order for them to survive. Neglect can damage an animal’s health, and can even lead to death. Neglecting an animal can cause long term damage that can be very threatening. Starvation can cause unpleasant symptoms for an animal, such as loss of body fat. Loss of body fat is followed by loss of muscle fat, and then can eventually lead to organ failure. Their bodies will just waste away. An animal without proper shelter can easily lead to death. Animal control officers have often found companion animals, normally chained dogs, frozen to the ground, or dead from heat stroke.
Another form of animal abuse is hoarding. Animal hoarding is when someone has more animals that they can’t properly care for, and they believe that the animals are healthy and that they are not hurting the animals. Animal’s that are in hoarding conditions suffer from lack of food, proper vet care, and clean conditions. Officers that investigate animal hoarding often find animal feces and urine among the floors, counters, and furniture of the home. There are sometimes decaying animal carcasses found in the home also. Insects and rodents can also be found in these conditions. The conditions of animal hoarding can also cause health hazards for the people in the home. Animal hoarders believe that they are not doing anything wrong or hurting the animals. One woman who lives in these conditions said, “I never hurt any dogs. I love my babies. The fact is, I protect them.” At the time that this woman said this, she was standing in three inches of feces, and...

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