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Animal Abuse Essay

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What would you do if you saw someone cruelly abusing a defenceless animal? The majority of which would help I hope. It's a crying shame that research has established that 39% of countless variations of populations are abused and killed for clothes, food and used for animal testing. Everyday animals are beaten, neglected, or forced to struggle for survival. Left in unsanitary conditions where they have little hope as they live out their days without the compassion they deserve. Due to our own selfish demand of clothes, food and cosmetic testing we're held responsible for the fallen numbers of animals. These people who do so show no remorse about their barbarous actions which they force on to animals without a voice nor the ability to resist.Picture yourself as a fox with beautiful clothes that keep you warm and comfortable, you live inside a confined filthy wired cage, for your entire life without any freedom and no hope of it. When you are old enough you are sent to china where you are tortured till unconscious, once so, your fur is cut of you where you're then left to die with the other million amongst you. Whether it came from a fur farm or one who has been found ill in the wild, every single fur coat, scarf, shoe, belt and trinket caused an animal tremendous suffering, that suffering was the only sensation they had before dying a sad unlived life. More than half of the fur comes from china, where millions of different variations of animals are bludgeoned, hung, bled to death and skinned, and for what? So you can wear a type of material that is so barbarically provided when there is such a huge range of others. That fur slung round they seem of you jacket, or inside your shoe once was the skin and coat of a beautiful majestic animal that was enslaved and was killed in order to give you another item of clothing, the only person that needs that fur is the animal itself. The Fur coat you're wearing most definitely looked better on the animal, cruelty is one fashion statement that everyone can all live without. What gives us the right to? These poor animals and forced to part with their fur for the pleasure of wear, but is that pleasure so worth the tormenting pain we force upon innocent animals that are unable to defend? The number of animals killed by the fur trade has notoriously grown, more than 55 million. Animals are either used for breeding hundreds, or killed for unimportant luxuries. This excessive amount of millions can be translated to something more tolerable, more than one animal for every second of every minute of every day of the year is slaughtered. These...

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