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Animal Abuse Is Cruel And Inhumane

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Animal abuse is cruel and inhumane. Many people think of animal abuse is only beating animals and hurting them, but there is other ways to be cruel to an animal. Animal cruelty is not only animal abuse, but also neglect. Ignoring, not taking proper care of, and ditching on the side of the road and leaving animals to die are all common forms of neglect.
The most common form of neglect is chaining. Many people don't realize that their doing anything wrong when they tie their dog to a tree, but they are causing much harm. When dogs are chained outside, they become lonely, bored, anxious, and develop aggressive behaviors. “Dogs (like people) are social animals, yet more than 200,000 dogs live empty lives chained or tethered outdoors.” (Humane Society)
Animals that are neglected suffer more than animals that are abused. Becausae neglect is not giving an animal food or water, ignoring, abandoning, or cramming many animals into a small space, the animals die slower and suffer more than animals that are abused and die quickly. It may seem that abuse is worse, but neglect is.
Another common form of animal cruelty is dog fighting. Although it is a felony in every state, it still takes place in many parts of the country. People who are involved in dog fighting often have little to no respect for animals, and often beat or starve them so they produce aggressive behaviors. “Pit Bulls are descendants of the original English bull-baiting dog—a dog that was bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals around the face and head. "Bulldogs" were bred to hang on without releasing their grip, until the animal was exhausted from fighting and from loss of blood. When baiting large animals was banned in the 1800s, people then started to fight their dogs against each other instead.” (ASPCA) Pit Bulls that were not used for fighting were loyal, loving family pets. But problems began when people started looking for large dogs to complete their demands. Thats when they started being trained to kill on demand and fight till the death.
A puppy mill is a large breeding process that causes many health conditions. These puppies are often sold in pet stores and arrive with many health conditions such as epilepsy, heart disease, kidney disease, blood disorders, deafness, eye problems, etc. Many puppy mills cause defects in genetics like Giardia, distemper, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, mange, fleas, ticks, etc. Also, many times puppy mill dogs are fearful of humans and social interaction. Puppies born in puppy mills are separated from their litter by about 6 weeks of age. The first few months of a puppies life are critical to a puppies social development. Most of the time puppies develop conditions like extreme shyness, aggression, fear, and anxiety if this time is not spent with littermates mother. These puppies are also often kept in overcrowded, unsanitary spaces without proper vet care, food, water, or socialization. also, a lot of the time...

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