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Animal Research: A Life Saving Technique Essay

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In a world without animals, human beings would probably live a short and miserable life. Why? Animal research has come a long way. After years of studies, tests, and research, people all around the world can live happier and healthier lives thanks to animal research. Without vital discoveries made from animal research, humans and animals would die of diseases and viruses that would have been prevented or treated had there been animal research.Many advances in medical science have come from animal research. These include: vaccine that prevent measles, mumps, polio, and hepatitis; prevention of cancer; antibiotics; organ transplants; heart surgery and much more. Just think now for a moment. If animal research hadn't existed, where would humans be? When a person takes insulin for diabetes, gets blood transfusion for a life-saving operation, or takes medication to alleviate allergies, he or she is taking a product of animal research. It's easy to see that human beings' progress in health largely depends on animal research.These achievements lead to a common misconception: only humans are benefited. On the contrary, animals themselves are also living better lives. Vaccines against rabies, feline leukemia, and parvovirus are created for animals because of their cooperation. Just in October this year, stem cell research on mice has created a treatment to save mice embryos from deadly heart disease by injecting embryonic stem cells into mice. In July of 2003, an injection of DNA-like RNA molecule in mice could help treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Contrary to animal research opponents, even animals can get the benefit they deserve.There are a lot of animal research opponents out there. These people say that animals don't get adequate housing and food. Often times, these people often say that animals used in tests are maltreated and tortured. That is not the case. Many fussy details are applied for the welfare of an animal, including cage design, ventilation, waste removal, and shipping and handling. Veterinarians often check on the animals for any bacterial, viral, and parasitic diseases. The United States Department of Agriculture has passed the Animal Welfare Act. The Act has set very high standards on the well-being of research animals and requires using anesthesia for all animals that will feel pain. Not only that, but most organizations are required by law to establish an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. The U.S. Public Health Service requires all institutions to follow animal care rules to ensure that all animals are treated humanitarianly. By opening their eyes, people cannot help but acknowledge that the government is doing its job protecting the animals. A person cannot say that the government...

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