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Animal Research Is Not Helping Humans

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Animal Research
Animals are currently being tested all over the world. They are being tested for things such as cosmetics, prescriptions drugs, and used for scientific testing. It is estimated that over 100 million animals are used for testing. Rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and monkeys are common animals used to test newly developed products. These testing procedures and conditions in which these animal must live are widely scrutinized among animal activists. There are many heated debates on whether or not animals should be used for testing. Current government regulations require that all new production available for human consumption undergo animal testing. New procedures for animal testing are necessary to allow the researchers to meet government regulations and to appease animal activists. Animal research should be ended, it is wrong to assume that animals do not feel pain or anguish as they endure needles, pain, diseases, and death.
A common misconception with regard to animal testing is that animals are genetically similar to humans. Many animals are different than humans, so animal testing does not always benefit the lives of humans. Dr. Richard Klausner, a former National Cancer Institute director said, “we have cured mice of cancer for decades, and it simply didn’t work in humans” (qtd in Thompson par. 5). Animal testing does not benefit the humans if the animals used are genetically different. Illnesses and diseases that have been imitated in laboratory animals are not the same as the diseases that happen in humans naturally. “Diseases that are artificially induced in animals in a laboratory are never identical to those that occur naturally in human beings” (Thompson par. 4). It is very unlikely that animal experiments will return correct results that can be applied to humans.
Animal researchers claim that all the medical advances have been a result of animal testing. However, this is not always true. “The discovery of penicillin, the development of x-ray technology and the crucial discovery that cholesterol leads to heart disease all came from research that did not involve animals…” (“Animal Testing” par. 38). This belief that all medical advances are the direct result of animal testing is widespread through the research community. However, the flaw in their process in that they are creating artificial environment, and treatments that in most cases do not translate into real world studies. “Animal experimenters artificially induce diseases… knowing that their artificially created “animal model” can never more fully reflect the human condition” (Thompson par. 16). It is very important for researchers to concentrate on the clinical aspects of their research and to utilize computer modeling within their research.
Animal researchers rarely give the animals any pain medication, which eventually lead to the death of the animals. Animal researchers are not only experimenting on the animals without pain medication, but they are killing the...

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