Animal Research. The Pros And Cons, And What We Could Do As People To Stop It From Happening.

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Animal TestingEveryone knows that getting shampoo or other products, such as soap, in your eyes stings. Now imagine having shampoo or other beauty products put into your eyes against your will, or not being able to have a say in any treatment acted upon you. Animal testing is a dreadful thing going on in today's world, and there is not sufficient support in the surrounding community to spread the word about the atrocities committed. Animal testing is done on anywhere from 50-100 million animals annually, and it is an on-going research experiment that is supposedly done for our own good. However, the negative implications are not brought into the light enough. The level of discomfort and pain that is inflicted upon the unfortunate animals that we humans use as test subjects is something that the general public likes to push under the rug. In order for things to change, more awareness needs to be raised in order to stop animal testing and the pain it brings to our fellow mammals. In order to examine this issue, one has to look at both sides of the subject. Through the use of research and studies, I will expose the pros and cons of animal testing. First of all, the negative connotations of these tests will be scrutinized.Within the world of science, there will always be certain branches that stem towards research on living beings. Animal testing defined is "the use of non-human animals in research and development projects, esp. for the purposes of determining the safety of substances such as food and drugs" (APA) but why must we harm innocent animals for our own safety? A lot of people agree that there should be another, safer alternative- while others don't even know that the products they use every single day were tested on a non-willing animal(s).While ninety percent of animal testing is done on rats and mice, there has still been research on other animals. Research started in the 1960's and included research on frogs, rabbits, farm animals, guinea pigs, and even chimpanzees. (APA) all of these animals are harmed in inhumane ways, and that is why animal testing should only be legal if the animals aren't harmed in any way, as well as having a plausible reason for the experiment.There are clearly more cons in this subject then a portion of what goes on in our domain. The first ploy in the evil experimentation of animal testing would be the harm of the animals that they test on. "Toxicity testing using animals plays an essential role in the development of drugs, industrial and agricultural chemicals, consumer products, food additives, and cosmetics. When properly conducted and interpreted, animal testing will continue to be a valuable source of information on the potential toxicity of chemicals to humans. (Kleiman) While this can be true, animals are still like us humans, they can feel pain. The only difference is that animals don't have a voice- and they can't tell us if they don't want to be in these experiments, or if they hurt them.There have...

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