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Animal Research Whether We Should Do It Or Not English Essay

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ENG 112
April 2, 2017
Should Animal testing be banned or not
Animal experimentation has been a controversial topic for many years. Testing animals has played an imperative role for new discoveries and human benefits. Animal testing has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments, animal research is protected by laws, animals also benefit from research too, and Animals are good for research because they are like us in many ways. Some might say Animal testing is cruel and inhumane, but it would be wrong to test new drugs on humans. Imagine how many people would die because doctors promoted a new drug or a company promoted a new product without testing it. Experimenting on animals can fix that.
Animal testing created many medical benefits for us. One of the highest disease occurred treatment resulted from animal research. Diabetes which is a disease in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired ( Due to animal research, insulin has been founded to treat this horrific disease. According to the Aalas foundation in the article “Benefits of Animal Research”, “more than 20 million people have diabetes. Over 1 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year, and based on death certificate data, diabetes contributed to nearly 225,000 deaths in 2002 alone”. Dogs were very important in this finding. In the article “The Discovery of Insulin”, research shows that pancreas was removed from the dog which made the dog thirsty, weak and more likely to urinate. That caused the dog to get diabetes, but after a while, sliced it up, and froze the pieces in a mixture of water and salts. When the pieces were half frozen, they were ground up and filtered. They named it "isletin." it was injected into the diabetic dog (Discovery of insulin). Its blood glucose level dropped, and it seemed healthier and stronger. Without using this dog to find insulin, many people with diabetes would have died.
Dogs have also been beneficial in treating cardiac arrest. In, the article “Cardiac arrest & ventricular fibrillation”, states there were animal experiments with hundreds of dogs to try and identify a form of electric shock that was less damaging to the heart. They were able to find a wave form, called the “biphasic wave form” (Cardiac arrest). This wave form is effective and safe, it requires less energy, and reduces risk of burns and muscle damage (Cardiac arrest). Due to this, many people have survived when they went under cardiac arrest.
Cancer, also a horrible disease many people face has a lead way due to animal testing. According to, it had been shown in animal experiments that a single implanted leukemic cell was sufficient to kill a mouse. Researchers realized to need to remove every leukemia cell; that resulted in a more aggressive approach to using chemotherapy to treat leukemia (Animal Research). Who knows, maybe there won’t ever be a cure for cancer,...

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