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Animal Rights And Conditions Essay

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Most people don’t have a second thought about where their meat comes from as they cook with meat from the grocery store or order food from a restaurant. They don’t often worry about if the animals they are consuming where kept in horrible farm conditions or slaughtered in unthinkable ways. Although people think these animals are cute and also tasty we tend to see it as out of sight, out of mind. But the truth is everyone should be aware and concerned. Animals as living creatures, should have rights to protect themselves. If animals don’t have rights to keep them out of harm’s way then they can be easily taken advantage of because they don’t have a voice to be heard. The goal of this research is to bring awareness to the ways animals are used in medical research and cosmetic testing, the conditions they face in factory farms, as well as their welfare in slaughter houses, also the rights and protection of inhumanly treated animals.
Women around the world daily use and love the effects of makeup. Although makeup is a wonderful thing as well as things like face moisturizers and other cosmetics, no one often thinks more about the “safely tested” products that they use on a daily basis. Cosmetics don’t normally cause people daily rashes, infection, illness, or blindness but who is to thank for that? It isn’t normally the first thing on women’s minds when they go through their morning routine but the safety of cosmetics is due to the testing of them by scientist on animals. Animals must endure horrible testing’s for the sake of human’s beauty. Over 5 billion cosmetic products are sold in the European Union every year. Any new substance used in these products is tested for harmful effects on humans (“Four Paws” 1). With over 5 million products being tested on animals, most of those animals will be left harmed or dead. These tests- conducted to determine whether a substance will cause irritation or sensitization of the skin or eyes, or be harmful if swallowed- often involve the use of live animals, including mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits (“Four Paws” 1). Animal testing is mostly unnecessary but for some things it is the only or best option. When it comes to pharmaceutical products and some chemicals, animal testing is required by law to assure product safety. Under the federal food, drug and cosmetic act cosmetic and household products do not require animal testing or FDA premarket approval. Yet a significant number of companies still conduct animal tests on their cosmetics (Bland 1). It’s a little more difficult but animal testing for cosmetics can and will eventually be avoided. Opponents of the practice point out that cosmetics are not life-sustaining and are disgusted by the idea of causing helpless animals pain all in the name of beauty. Supporters of cosmetic animal testing, claim it is simply good business practices. By testing their products for possible side effects these companies hope to avoid being sued or potentially causing harm to...

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