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Animal Rights Vs Human Rights Essay

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Throughout the history of the world, there have been subjects of heated debates; there are a few facts that are undisputed. One of the undisputed facts is that animals existed and inhabited the planet before humans did and humans have been dependent on animals for thousands of years. Animals have played a very vital part in our history and one wonders whys should they be treated with much cruelty. While animals have been a great resource, a steady supply of food and clothing and even security, our treatment towards them has become nothing short of appalling. Since humans are dependent on animals for their well being, their comfort and at times their religion, there should be a moral obligation to treat animals.
One of the greatest arguments against non human animals having rights is that they cannot speak for themselves, they cannot think and they are less human and so they can be created as such. There are flaws on this argument. Humans have an obligation to the society in a certain manor and this determines how they behave. From a young age, people are taught how to behave and act in a certain way and animal neglect and cruelty goes against the basic principles we are taught as children. Secondly, In addition, opponents argue that rights only belong to moral agents and that animals like moral urgency. This is absurd because some animals for example primates actually think very well and this should not be used against animals being given rights. Animals may not be having self awareness and are not able to communicate well but at least they inherently have rights just because they do exist as living things and they are able to feel pain and other emotions. Their ability to suffer and feel pain gives them a right not to be subjected to cruel and painful experiences and deaths. Let us use our intelligence as humans not to put them in such situations. Since they cannot talk to protect themselves, it is our duty as humans to stand up for their rights as non human animals are living things just like humans. We are caretakers of the planet and all the creatures in it and so we should take care of the animals by treating them with decency and this can only be done by advocating for heir rights.
Animals just like humans are able to feel pain; therefore non human animals should be accorded rights just like a free and healthy life. Animals have the ability to feel pain when hurt just like humans. For example, mammals have an area in their brain which allows them to feel a feeling similar to the tonsils felt by humans in the brain and for this reason; they can be scared, get angry and even feel love and kindness just like humans. This means, they are conscious and have mental abilities inclusive of memory emotion, belief, desire, intentional actions and an awareness of the future just like humans; and so they should be accorded animal rights. Furthermore, when it comes to reptiles, as much as they are not able to have feelings, they have animal...

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