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Animal Science Essay

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For this task of building an management plan around a livestock operation, I chose to build a cow-calf operation that consists of crossbred Angus cattle. The Angus cattle brought in will be bred with Hereford heifers or cows. Hereford cattle are exceptional mothers and are known for great calving ease. This is one area that should not be stressed about come calving season when this is an cow-calf operation. Angus cattle were selected because they are the most desirable when selling for meat quality and overall profit back to the seller. From research many owners have had great outcomes with using this cross of cattle. Yes, still popularly used but still a profitable cross to breed.
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The cattle herd will be split into three smaller herds at three different locations. This will ensure healthier herds and more space for the cattle to roam. More attention to individual cattle, faster feeding, and workings for farmhands will be accomplished better this way too. Books will be kept on all cattle and their vaccination records. All cows and bulls used in this operation as a whole will be worked around the same time of the year, preferably in the early fall before breeding. They will all be vaccinated with IBR, BVD, PI3, BRSV, Leptospirosis, Pinkeye, and Trichomoniasis. Vibriosis will also be tested for to ensure no animal is a carrier before it is spread. All calves within this operation will be vaccinated at the end of their born calving season, which will be in early spring. They will be vaccinated with Blackleg 7-Way, IBR-BVD-PI3, Leptospirosis, Pinkeye, and E.Coli. Heifers in this mix will also be vaccinated with Brucellosis. All cows, heifers, and bulls will be sent off on their way. Any male calves at this time will be castrated and sent to a different pen. These calves will now be called steers and sent off to small-scale auction shortly after a few weeks. These calves were not saved as profitable reproductive bulls but are now profitable with having a higher quality meat and more meat gain for the buyer. Many buyers will buy these calves to muscle them up and eventually take to slaughter. Any new head of cattle brought in to the herd from an outside source will be worked and vaccinated immediately to ensure that they are safe and ready to preform on this operation. All vaccinations will be done properly and carefully to prevent the wasting of product.
At each location basic essentials are present to work these cattle. All vaccinating, sprays, castration, dehorning, and other workings will be done by trained farmhands. This saves tremendous money from not having to haul cattle to worked at the vet and at the vet’s higher expense. Corrals and chutes used on working day will be in working condition and sanitary. With each location cattle will be sorted into their corrals and through the chute until they are done. Barns and buildings that cattle are able to move into will be kept up to the best standards of safety for the animals.

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