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Animal Testing: Animals And Medicine Essay

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When one thinks about animal testing, they usually would think about how much medical breakthroughs animal testing has delivered to society. Other people, however, have different thoughts, and may oppose it, as they believe animal testing is unethical. Animal testing has introduced many medical breakthroughs; rare diseases such as polio, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis would be much more common in modern society if it were not for animal testing (Cook). However, many technological advances are starting to reduce the need to test on innocent animals. Despite its positive history of its many medical discoveries, animal testing should not be tolerated as it is unethical, costly, ignorant, and because many cheaper and more reliable alternatives have been created.
Many people are against animal testing, whereas many people also support animal testing. Many products must be tested before they are exposed to humans, from cosmetics, drugs, and to plastic bags. Famous make up companies, such as ‘L’Oreal’ and even ‘Glade’ tests on animals, while companies such as ‘Burt’s Bees’ and ‘Mary Kay’ do not test on animals (“Beauty”). The foremost reason people are against animal testing is because animals are tested without their consent. Many animals go through pain, discomfort, and even death in these experiments. Some people who support animal testing refer to the fact that animal testing has obviously made many major medical discoveries. Also, support of animal testing is aimed to the protection of humans. Most scientists believe that humans are superior to animals, and that animals should be tested, although they do not necessarily agree with it (Dance). However, most agree that scientists should try to decrease the suffering animals go through. The animals should not receive abuse in any way (Murnaghon).
Most, if not all, animal tests are extremely painful, dangerous, and fatal to animals. The ‘Draize Eye Tests’ were developed in 1944 to discover irritation in the eyes caused by numerous chemicals. A substance is placed in a rabbit’s left eye, and is restrained. Their eyes are then evaluated the following sixty minutes, and then every twenty four hours for typically fourteen days. All the rabbits endure bleeding, ulcers, and unfortunately, blindness, making most rabbits not survive after experimentation. This test is unreliable because rabbits and humans obviously do not have identical eyes; human and rabbit corneas are different (“Use”).
Skin irritation testing evaluates the potential irritation of a substance that causes permanent harm to the skin, often referred as the “Draize Skin Test”. These tests are used to measure the level of irritation, itching, and inflammation in animal skin. During the skin tests, a certain chemical is placed on a shaven piece of skin, and compared to an unaffected piece of skin. However, rabbits, which are mostly tested on, have a different anatomy from human beings, and the test may not be accurate (“Use”). Also, most...

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